According to Nielsen data, autumn is the time when Telecoms brands look to invest heavily in media – and OOH specifically – so, here at Ocean, we decided to conduct complementary research through our @TheLocal consumer panel and give you some inspiration on how telecoms brands could be using OOH effectively in their marketing strategies.

Telecoms is a broadcast category, that everyone uses and needs at all times. Therefore, there is a real opportunity for gaining new customers and building trust as a brand.

Right now, we have a cost of living crisis which is affecting young people the most. 2 in 5 of those aged 25-34 say monthly bills are their biggest financial concern[1]. When we related this back to Telecoms, 48% of people said that cost of living is making them reassess how much they’re spending on broadband contracts, and 65% said the same for their mobile phone contracts[2].

Value is key – now more than ever

In our survey, 85% of people ranked price and value as the most important feature when selecting a mobile phone[3]. People are actively on the hunt for a deal – so Telecoms brands need to be visible by advertising in the right locations and moments, regularly and widely.

Naturally, all brands want to retain their current customers in addition to seeking new ones. Although 65% of those surveyed said they do not intend to switch broadband or mobile phone provider at this time, 69% said they would be encouraged to switch providers if offered better value for money[4]. So if your competitor is advertising heavily, you need to as well.

With Black Friday coming up, there’s never been a better opportunity to talk about value and connect with this hard-to-reach younger audience. In 2022, research showed that the 16-34 audience were the keenest Black Friday shoppers[5] and this year is expected to be no different.

Building trust by driving relevancy

If we look at one aspect of the Telecoms category, mobile phone networks, we start to see where brands have segmented themselves in order to offer relevant propositions for different audiences and different marketing strategies – and by doing so, these specific audiences feel catered for which in turn, creates trust.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we found in our research that whilst boomers stick to well-known brands, younger audiences (such as Gen Z) are open to the likes of Giffgaff or Voxi – drawn in by advertising and offers, over the longstanding reputation of a brand.[6]

We’ve seen plenty of examples of brands using OOH to cater to specific audiences in clever ways. Vodafone, who our survey shows is most associated with business Telecoms[7], have recently worked to cultivate a reputation within London, the business capital. This included sponsorship of our fan zones at Battersea Power Station and Westfield Square, as well as the very first banner on the iconic Marble Arch.

Why OOH?

Out-of-home is a broadcast channel and Telecoms is a broadcast category. This is the perfect partnership to get always-on brand awareness with more impacts than any other medium. With Telecoms customers you need to be regularly front of mind and with OOH you can get repeated frequency or priming.

Ocean offers a unique range of technology and creative experiences – both on and off our screens – as well as unique locations to make brand campaign truly unforgettable. Find out more about Ocean Labs and our range of nationwide locations and networks.

Out-of-home is also ideal for getting front of mind with the younger demographic, and gaining brand growth, recognition and shareability. 18-34s are 64% more likely to encourage others to see a 3D ad[8] like Ocean’s exclusive technology DeepScreen. As for smaller sub-brands, this is the perfect way to gain fame, recognition – and stand out.

One case study that showed a Telecoms brand using OOH – and an experiential opportunity – to successfully reach a younger audience was this summer’s EE and Fortnite campaign. Gamers competed live at Westfield Square, and customers could compete against them to win prizes. EE products were used in the activation and as prizes.  This was a great example of catching the attention of and being able to interact with customers in-person, instead of just online.

So, to conclude…

The Telecoms audience have spoken and now is the perfect time to put their mind at ease or make them take action by utilising that value message throughout your advertising.

The audience needs a provider they can trust – seeing the brand regularly and knowing they are being heard and supported is vital in maintaining this audience.

And, lastly, in a world of interruptive campaigns, your campaign needs to cut through with innovation and creativity. Leveraging OOH, and specifically what Ocean has to offer, will make all the difference. Get in touch today


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