You won’t be able to miss our new screen that’s landing at Heathrow Terminal 5 this Spring so make sure your brand is on it.

As businesses reconnect with teams and clients worldwide in a post-lockdown world, 69% of those who used to fly for business purposes are likely to take as many business flights now as they did before the pandemic.* This is the perfect time to be positioning yourself in the right location to reach them.

Connecting seamlessly to Canary Wharf by rail this year and with our prominent DOOH presence in Canary Wharf too, you can capture a business travel audience from touchdown, to the office, and back.

Being able to get infront of your audience for the duration of their stay gives the opportunity for joined up campaigns across the screens and an opportunity to land key stories and messages across a selection of full-motion screens with Ocean Outdoor at both sites, some of which are enabled with LookOut technology and live Video Feeds.

The Two Towers at Canary Wharf are a great catchall for those leaving the business hub to head to City Airport so utilising The Arrival @ Heathrow Terminal 5 too will give your brand the opportunity to catch both audiences.

The Arrival @ Heathrow Terminal 5’s static digital screen is an impressive 4.75m x 17.92m (high x width) that your prospective customers won’t be able to miss. The screen uses the most energy efficient LEDs to reduce energy consumption with the design to reduce waste and help Ocean reach our long-term environmental goals.

The Arrival @ Heathrow Terminal 5 will receive around 749,700 impacts over a 2 week period** so this is the perfect opportunity for brands to get infront of a consistent and ever-changing business audience.

Find out more by visiting the website page and contacting our sales team.

*Source: Mintel 2021, Full quote “69% of those who flew for business purposes in the three years to June 2021 and plan to fly in the future say that when the COVID-19 outbreak is over they are likely to take as many business flights as they did before the pandemic.”

**(Source: Route 2021, this is a new site so estimates have been calculated by comparing a similar sized screen and location at Stansted. This has been upweighted 17% as this is the differential in annual passenger volume between Stansted and T5 Heathrow.)