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The Arrival @ Heathrow Terminal 5

Our first screen at Heathrow Terminal 5 is landing this Spring

Catch your audiences from touch down to take off with this large static digital screen at Heathrow Terminal 5.

British Airways operates out of Terminal 5 and sees over 32 million passengers* pass through its doors a year. With huge numbers of business travellers and international travel, this is the perfect spot to reach a large, constant and varied audience. This spot can expect to receive 749,700 impacts every two weeks.**

As businesses reconnect with teams and clients worldwide in a post-lockdown world, 69% of those who used to fly for business purposes are likely to take as many business flights now as they did before the pandemic.*** This is the perfect time to be positioning yourself in the right location to reach them.

*Source:https://www.heathrow.com/company/about-heathrow/company-information/facts-and-figures for 2018 figures

**Source: Route 2021, this is a new site so estimates have been calculated by comparing a similar sized screen and location at Stansted. This has been upweighted 17% as this is the differential in annual passenger volume between Stansted and T5 Heathrow.

***Source: Mintel 2021, Full quote “69% of those who flew for business purposes in the three years to June 2021 and plan to fly in the future say that when the COVID-19 outbreak is over they are likely to take as many business flights as they did before the pandemic.”


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Welland Road, Hounslow, TW6 2GD, UK / 51.47415,-0.49302 Download Map

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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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