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The 2021 Award Ceremony

The National Gallery, London

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Commercial Brand Category

3rd Prize

Toolstation “The World’s Most Supportive Poster”

by Krow

Every day two tradespeople working in the construction industry take their own lives, a suicide rate three times higher than the national average. To raise awareness about a hidden problem, Toolstation creates a live chat poster offering tradespeople immediate support to help overcome their worries and personal problems.

As part of Toolstation’s partnership with the Lighthouse Club charity, tradespeople can connect to Ocean screens via a QR code to chat privately with a trained expert. An anonymised live feed will use different animations to reflect the most talked about topics, the scale and level of visibility tackling the stigma around mental health problems experienced by construction workers. The campaign will also serve as a live listening tool to help experts identify further areas of stress.

2nd Prize

Pets At Home “Lifting London during Mental Health Week”

by The&Partnership

This campaign uses the nation’s affinity with pets to lift the spirits of Londoners, harnessing multiple different technologies and wi-fi connectivity to show how much pets enrich our lives. The idea offers a diverse range of executions including a peaceful live stream of a fish tank on the Piccadilly Lights to create a moment of calm, a puppy which responds to passers-by using audience detection technology, the therapeutic benefits of stroking a cat using mid-air haptics tech and the calming sound of birdsong.

The judges said: “We like how the technology ties in so well with the message of the campaign. It’s well connected and very engaging.”

1st Prize

Land Rover “#Outspiration”

by Spark44

Research suggests that 40% of the working population fails to get the recommended two hours minimum a week in nature to support their wellbeing. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Spark44 and Land Rover present immersive ‘live streams’ on Ocean screens to raise awareness of the importance of nature to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Beautiful in its simplicity, the live streams create windows into nature that’s right around the corner. Screens will be located in high-footfall, high-stress, urban locations, providing passers-by with a breath of fresh air to help them escape the city for a short moment.

To make the experience truly immersive, audio will play the calming natural sounds of a running stream, whilst a QR code takes the public to a map showing where they can find the stream and their moment of #Outspiration.

The judges said: “We like the insight and the tie into mental health. This campaign pushes local engagement but in a way that isn’t overtly selling. It’s simple, but nice. The next step for Land Rover.”

Charity Category

3rd Place

The Big Issue Foundation “The BIG Welcome Back”

by Forever Beta

The past 18 months have been the most challenging in The Big Issue’s history. As circulation of its magazines plummeted, vendors lost out on millions in sales and their livelihoods were wiped out.

As life returns to normal, Forever Beta and The Big Issue create an opportunity to welcome their vendors back, reclaiming their places on the High Streets in the biggest possible way. This campaign combines geo-location with personalisation, reconnecting vendors with their communities using

Ocean’s large format screens. Every execution is triggered by a “beacon badge” on individual vendor jackets which signals when they are close to a billboard, activating their personalised message.

The judges said: “Big Issue vendors are an integral part of our community. This idea is all about helping them to regain their independence. It’s simple, yet brilliant.”

2nd Prize

Missing People “Making The Missing Unmissable”

by Engine

When high risk and vulnerable people go missing, the first 48 hours are critical in the hunt to find them. To speed up the search and improve recognition, Engine uses NVIDIA’s Kaolin library, an innovative deep learning technology, to transform standard, flat 2D images into powerful, memorable full motion 3D posters.

The sense of urgency is reinforced by a timer which show how long an individual has been missing and the search is extended beyond Ocean’s national Grid network of 40 screens in 10 cities via QR codes. These open into dedicated Missing People social media pages which the public can easily share on their social channels. The end result is a Missing poster designed for the 21st century that could well help save the life of a vulnerable child or adult.

The judges said: “The multi-layered strategy to help raise the profile of this charity and its work really made this entry stand out.”

1st Prize

Rays of Sunshine “Making Children’s Wishes Real”

by MediaCom

This concept brings to life the hopes, dreams and wishes of seriously ill children using Ocean’s large format full motion screens to amplify the Instagram account Things I Have Drawn which is also managed by MediaCom.

A collection of glorious drawings are accompanied by the simple question - how will you help our children’s dreams come true? People are invited to use Ocean’s Look Out technology, subtle motion, audio and mid-air haptics to turn imaginative illustrations into real life renders, each execution revealing the dream of the young artist featured. A QR code takes people to the charity’s website where a donation can be made.

The judges said: “This campaign is highly creative, fun and has great talkability. It is the Art of Outdoor at its best, perfectly demonstrating the interplay between digital outdoor and social media. All for such an important cause.”

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