The 2018 Award Ceremony

The BFI IMAX, Waterloo

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Brand Category

3rd Prize

Skoda “Rally Sport Livew”

by Drum – Omnicom Media Group

Škoda dominates the world rally championship but few people associate the car brand with performance. Using Ocean’s live stream and sound shower technology, Škoda streams the drama of the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB to an Ocean screen, paired with a Škoda Motorsport bucket seat which is rigged to respond to every twist and turn of the Fabia as it competes. The judges said: “This realises the experience of being in an actual rally. There’s quite a lot of joy in that. Watching someone being chucked about is very entertaining. It is simple and very sticky.”

2nd Prize

Microsoft Xbox “Xbox Gaming Tourism”

by McCann London

To promote their better-looking Enhanced games, Xbox turns DOOH screens into immersive portals between the real and virtual worlds. Live streamed tours hosted by a guide use Ocean’s LookOut technology, allowing people to explore breath-taking virtual landscapes, control the game camera at points of interest and ask questions. The judges said: “It’s a window into a world which moves with you. If games and gaming surpass movies in terms of the immersive experience, then the idea of entering imaginary worlds is quite cool. It will be spectacular.”

1st Prize

Swoon “Obsessed”

by BBH

Swoon is a furniture company for the home obsessed. Using Ocean’s eye-tracking technology, different pieces of furniture are displayed on Ocean screens. Whoever stops and stares at a particular item the longest, proving they are the most obsessed, wins that piece. The judges said: “It’s very simple and we see it working well on big formats. Staring at the screen….it’s absolutely right for the brand and will look beautiful on out of home.”

Charity Category

3rd Place

Spinal Injuries Association “Donate to Accelerate”

by Partners Andrews Aldridge

In an advertising first, people are given the chance to fast-forward full motion ads on Ocean’s Loop network. Shot from a first person perspective, the ads immerse people in how everyday tasks like making tea or catching a bus are arduous for people with spinal injuries. Donations trigger the chance to fast forward the ad to a successful conclusion, showing how their support makes a difference. The judges said: “It’s subtle, clever and very imaginative. The less obvious it first looks on the screen, the more it will attract attention. The ability to tap and donate to fast forward is nice and simple.”

2nd Prize

The Cybersmile Foundation “#DeleteTheHate”


On Stop Cyberbullying Day, messages of hate will appear in real-time, with facial detection cameras grabbing snapshots of passers-by whose “profile picture” will appear in the message as if it’s aimed at them personally. The screen then changes to explain the cyberbullying message and invite everyone to #DeleteTheHate by spreading awareness. The judges said: “This campaign has the potential to do something really brave. It uses the medium to all its strengths and the fact that it includes people makes it even more powerful. The changing of the message from negative to positive could be a massive story.”

1st Prize

National Aids Trust “Rock the Ribbon”

by St. Luke’s Communications

The National AIDS Trust uses World AIDS Day to imbue its red ribbon with a brilliantly original sense of positivity and spirit. Motion gesture technology is used to transform people into virtual red ribbons which dance on the screens, mirroring the participants’ gestures and moves. The judges said: “It’s so simple, people will do it and get involved. The ribbon is doing something fresh, interesting and cool. It’s very shareable as well.”

Ocean for Oceans Awards

Ocean for Oceans Brand Winner

Sea Change “The Sea Is the Sky”

by Glimpse &

This campaign will promote the European Commission’s Sea Change initiative which is looking to improve ocean literacy across the UK and Europe. This ambitious project aims to mobilise schools, citizens, industry and decision makers to think blue and protect the planet’s oceans.

Ocean for Oceans Brand Winner

City to Sea “Hydration Station”

by 23red

This initiative turns selected Ocean screens into hydration stations where people can either refill their water bottles, or find out where find one of the nearest 12,000 refill locations using the Refill app. Each time the water fountain is used, one of the countless discarded plastic bottles littering the actual screen disappears and the user is thanked. A totaliser will show how many plastic bottles have been saved by switching to a cheaper, refillable bottle. The judges said: “This is a great. It turns a poster into something useful and directs you to the app.”

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