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The 2016 Award Ceremony Video

The BFI IMAX, Waterloo, 13th October 2016


Creative Techniques Category

3rd Prize

Bauer Media

“Magic, Bringing Guilt Free Happiness to Life” by the7stars

Leveraging the fact that Magic is enjoyed for its guilt-free, happy, sing-a-long moments, this campaign aims to make driving stress free by creating a sing-a-long lyric sheet on roadside locations which is synchronised with Magic’s radio playlist. This feel-good campaign capitalises on the current trend for Carpool Karaoke.

The judges said: “This is fun and delivers on the brief. It reflects the synergy between radio and DOOH. It’s a simple idea and the real time element differentiates it. It’s not just your regular poster being repeated. If you were stuck in traffic and saw it, you’d think it was a really good idea.”

2nd Prize

Born Free Foundation

“Free Me From This Poster” by WCRS

Images of a killer whale inside a 48-sheet digital screen represent the same dimensions as the tanks that many killer whales and dolphins are kept in. People are invited to help free killer whales by texting a donation to the international wildlife charity Born Free. Once sufficient money is raised, the killer whale leaps out of the poster, and is set free to swim the whole of the Ocean, across The Grid network.

The judges said: “Equating the poster size with the size of a tank is a powerful message. It is a beautiful use of the creative space. It’s nice that the connection, interaction and positive action coincides. It’s nice that it is an event that will take place across one day.”

1st Prize


“Churchie’s Drive-Thru Car Insurance” by WCRS

Churchill puts a cheeky spin on driver data, using Ocean’s vehicle recognition technology to turbo charge a retro, American drive-through diner themed campaign which puts the focus on fast, efficient service. By monitoring the make, model and colour of passing vehicles, Churchie serves personalised messages to get people engaged with the finer points of the customer offer.

The judges said: “They have understood what you can do with data and they can get away with being cheeky; that’s why it works. The use of data and graphics is very good. They have translated the tone of the brand really well. It’s inoffensive, happy, on brand and there are many executions to keep it going.”

Interactive Category

3rd Place

Public Health England

“One You Active 10” by 23red

Many people in the UK aren’t as active as they should be. Public Health England uses the power of out of home to encourage people to take a brisk 10 minute walk, offering them time sensitive, healthy rewards which can be redeemed when they reach their destination. This campaign encourages positive behaviour change and also benefits local businesses within a 10 minute radius of the screens.

The judges said: “This is great because it encourages people to understand their area, do something quickly and then get a reward. It’s encouraging people to be more active, it’s localised and engages with people. It would be good to activate this when people have time to do things, such as lunchtime. “

2nd Prize

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

“Save The Bees” by WCRS

This campaign to improve the long term future of bumblebees invites people to make a donation and design a flower on their mobiles to populate a living, digital meadow on the large screen. The flowers can be saved on their devices as a keepsake and taking part earns them a free bee conservation pack with flower seeds and a save the bees guide.

The judges said: “This is quite a simple idea using the WiFi connection to design your own flower.It’s aninteractive experience and you can see it evolve. Everyone is able to engage and join in. We like the fact people get the seeds and an idea of how they can help beyond the experience itself.”

1st Prize

Pladis McVitie’s

“D.U.N.C.A.N” by Kinetic Active & MEC

To mark National Biscuit Day 2017, McVitie’s conducts a series of experiments across the nation to test which biscuits can withstand the most dunks. The experiment is controlled by D.U.N.C.A.N, an interactive robot operated by the public who can participate in this national sport by choosing their favourite biscuit to compete with.

Screens across The Grid will invite the public to Dare To Dunk, using iPhone and iPads to control the robotic dunker. The player with the highest dunk record wins a year’s supply of their best biscuit.

The judges said: “Dunking biscuits. They’ve made it fun and made it brilliant. It’s a simple idea, people will definitely engage with it because it’s a fun thing to do. It’s also a cracking poster. It’s typical for the Brits to vote for a tea and biscuits campaign, but we have.”

International Awards 2016

Creative Techniques Winner

Space for Giants

“March for Giants” by 18 Feet and Rising

The March for Giants will transcend boundaries, appearing across some of the world’s most prominent and impactful OOH media spaces. It’s designed to stop the slaughter for ivory of African elephants, a species which faces extinction within seven years. The campaign to mobilise public and corporate power invites companies to generate branded adult elephants to lead the herd and personalised baby elephants for the public which will join the march in real time.

The judges said: “There’s something very altruistic about this idea and it should be extended to anyone with digital screens in the world. To see this virtual march of elephants happening across the world is a massive idea. And who wouldn’t want a branded elephant?”

Interactive Winner

Warner Bros.

“King Arthur” by Kinetic Active

To celebrate the release of Guy Richie’s big screen interpretation of the legend of King Arthur, Warner Brothers presents the epic quest to find “the rightful” King or Queen of England. People in the UK, New York and Hong Kong will be invited to pull a modern Excalibur from its stone prison, the screens visualising their heartbeats and facial expressions. Pressure detectors, biometric sensors and emotion recognition cameras are used to prompt the stone when to yield its prize, with each country crowning one new king or queen a day. The winners receive premiere tickets.

The judges said: “This works in many UK locations and globally. There’s lots of opportunity to interact. It has definitely got crowd appeal and could be really good fun.”

The Judging Day 2016

September 2016

The Judging Panel 2016

  • Vasiliki Arvaniti
    Portfolio Manager, Land Securities

  • Richard Atkins
    Head of Display & Partner, BBH London

  • Claire Beale
    Global Editor in Chief, Campaign

  • Tim Bleakley
    Ocean Group

  • James Copley
    Managing Partner, Talon

  • Adrian Cotterill
    Editor in Chief, Daily DOOH

  • Sean Kinmont
    Creative Director,

  • Joanna Lyall
    Chief Commercial Officer, Mindshare

  • Chris Marjoram
    Managing Director, rapport

  • Jon Mew
    Director of Mobile & Operations, IAB

  • Bill Moss
    Director of Brand Ventures & Mall Retail - Europe, Westfield

  • Tim Platt
    Head of Marketing

  • Gill Reid
    Board Director – OOH, Mediacom

  • Caitlin Ryan
    Executive Creative Director, Cheil London

  • Bill Sweeney
    Team GB

  • Stuart Taylor

  • Ben Tollett
    Executive Creative Director, Adam & Eve DDB

  • Glen Wilson
    Managing Director, Posterscope

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