Locations & Networks

The Central Networks

Quality coverage across premium Backlight 48 Sheet and 96 Sheet formats.

Handpicked networks designed to enable advertisers to reach premium audiences through targeted citywide coverage in Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Make an impact with The Central Networks

The 3 Central Networks


Reach the very heart of the city centre

14.5 million impacts*


Targeting the commuter routes in and out of the city centre

22 million impacts*


Connecting suburban audiences across the city

3 million impacts*

*per fortnight across The UK

The Central Network Cities

  • Birmingham

    Core, Commuter & Cover

    51 high-quality backlights deliver 21. 6 million impacts per fortnight.

  • Manchester

    Core & Commuter

    19 high-quality backlights deliver 8 million impacts per fortnight.

  • Edinburgh

    Core & Commuter

    13 high-quality backlights deliver 3.5 million impacts per fortnight.

  • Glasgow

    Core & Commuter

    30 high-quality backlights deliver 7 million impacts per fortnight.