Campaign Effectiveness Research

Unravelling Ocean’s Real World Effectiveness

A series of case studies looking at how DOOH performs in the real world and how key brand metrics such as ad recall and future purchase intent are highly impacted by DOOH campaigns.

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For more information on these case studies or any Ocean research please contact Monika Tomova, Ocean's Insight Manger.

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Case Study

Evaluating Hollister’s Westfield OOH campaign effectiveness

Hollister ran a campaign on Ocean Outdoor screens across Westfield London only. It was the first activity for the brand in a while, only running on OOH and specifically Westfield Ocean locations.

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We undertake a standardised methodology for all of our campaign effectiveness research pieces. Working in collaboration with a research partner, we conduct online surveys with a minimum of 400 participants and a control group.

Depending on the brief and target audience, we identify an audience fitting that criteria to survey. Once identified, we ensure the ‘test’ sample has been exposed to and had the chance to see the OOH advertising, while keeping a ‘control’ group of unexposed participants to make comparisons across the two groups.

Measurements are taken of standard campaign variables such as ad recall, purchase consideration, key brand metrics as well as actions taken towards the advertised brand following campaign. We further evaluate the creative and its performance as well as how well the key messaging was communicated.

Finally, we evaluate the synergy of Ocean Outdoor screens with the creative and brand.