Neuroscience Research
The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor

Neuroscience research into the true impact of Out of home advertising

The priming effect

Traditional research methods are based on rational responses. The very nature of a question leads to consideration, which is a left brain function. Our first Neuroscience study examined the right side of the brain, where the global brand picture is built and stored. This unique project put scientific practice in place to prove the emotional value of premium Out of home for brands. A strong emotional response drives memory encoding, and this is key because it correlates with subsequent purchase behaviour.


Location, location, location

Premium outdoor sites deliver on length of visibility as well as size and scale. Audiences have a longer opportunity to engage with creative.

Why digital?

Digital sites cut through because our brains are programmed to respond to changes in our environment. When sites go digital, great becomes even greater.

Energise your creative

Even with the same creative executions, premium sites perform better. Spectacular sites energise the impact of the creative.

Emotional response

Spectacular sites generate strong emotions for hard to reach audiences and are better encoded into memory. Triggering an emotional response is key to the advertising process.

The Priming Effect

The most iconic sites have a powerful priming effect on the rest. The best sites continue to have an impact beyond initial viewing.


The study not only validated the initial model, showing how the wow factor is critical to the success of iconic outdoor sites. It went beyond this by demonstrating a priming effect that extends beyond initial viewing, creating a positive halo effect across a wider outdoor campaign.

Ocean locations have an emotional index of 150 versus standard large format locations, whereas Ocean’s more unique architectural locations have an elevated index of 168.

Ocean Networks

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