April 20th, 2021
The Rapid Return to Normality – The Good Times Are Back for Cities!

As lockdown restrictions were eased and businesses reopened across the UK in April, including non-essential retail, hospitality and leisure and tourism industries – it finally looks like the good times are back for city centres and its residents.

As doors reopened, there were jubilant scenes across Great Britain as businesses welcomed back huge surges in residents and workers alike.

And just like the easing of 2020’s lockdowns, we headed back out in to some of our key cities to capture footage on the ground as people returned back to shops, restaurants and work places.

With the UK vaccine roll out ahead of schedule, consumer confidence at a three-year high, and traffic levels just shy of what they were compared to the same time in 2019, England’s rapid return to normality is no longer a question – it’s a certainty.

The UK has already reached a significant milestone with its vaccine programme. More than 32 million Britons have received their first dose, and with 7.6 million having received their second, the NHS has now offered all over-50s and high-risk groups a Covid-19 vaccine – and ahead of the Government’s schedule.

In other meaningful news for the UK, new research from YouGov found that consumer confidence has risen to a three-year high. The highest level since August 2018, confidence has bounced back in line with rising business activity and optimism about household finances.

Ocean’s own nationally representative consumer panel research from @ The Local found similar positive findings, with 18-34’s positive outlook helping to lead the way for out of home activity and the rapid return to normal – find out more here.

TomTom data also found that congestion levels are almost back to normal when compared to the same time period in 2019. On April 12, London was already ahead of the pack with 6% more traffic on the roads than in 2019, and in general, UK cities reached 95% of pre-lockdown levels.

With the combination of these positive attitudinal and macro developments, plus other UK nations in the process of opening their respective economies, Britain is well on the road to post-vaccine success.

Click on the videos next to this story to see what’s happening on the ground in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Southampton.

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