April 6th, 2017
Ocean Outdoor wins Revo Opal Award for NHS campaign

The 2017 Revo Opal awards was hosted yesterday at the British museum. This is the only UK award programme to encompass and reward the positive impact of commercialisation on retail and leisure environments.

The aim of the awards is to promote the unique commercial brand opportunities available in shopping malls by recognising and showcasing the best examples in the marketplace.

Ocean won an Opal award in the Media category for the third consecutive year. This year’s winner is NHS Blood & Transplant – Virtual Blood Donation campaign, planned in association with the NHS and the creative agency 23red. The interactive and innovative campaign combined the use of mobile and digital out of home to effectively raise awareness, and elicited a real life experience that delivered emotional engagement and consequently enhanced awareness and results for the campaign.

Find out more about the campaign at

NHS Blood & Transplant – Virtual Blood Donation

Revo Opal Awards
Revo Opal Awards
Revo Opal Awards
Revo Opal Awards

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