Our footprint across key UK cities allows us to create environments for wildlife to flourish

We create safe havens for species that can act as stepping stones for both flora and fauna across our cities.

So far, we have identified 18 existing advertising locations across the UK that we are in the process of returning to nature. In turn, this creates new habitats for native species to encourage the return of wildlife, and act as educational focus points for schools in the area.

Our Dutch colleagues have introduced bee and butterfly hotels. These hotels can be constructed around our large format advertising displays that have the land capacity to support the planting of wild flowers to feed and sustain the insects.

Working with The Wildlife Trusts to establish land management principles

We are managing the land on our sites, so that they positively contribute to biodiversity, particularly for pollinators.

Such transformative action across the whole Ocean network is necessary to create ‘more, bigger, better and joined up’ habitats and to play an active role in ‘making space for nature’.

Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

Please contact us on [email protected] to find out more.