Applications for Drops in the Ocean 2024 are now open.

Under our Drops in the Ocean initiative, Ocean commits 2% of our annual reported revenue in advertising to charities, non-profits, and organisations working to reverse climate change and repair the planet. 

This year, we’re supporting 12 causes, including the internationally renowned Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF™). Our goal is to amplify awareness of the Foundation’s global reef restoration programmes and to rebuild and safeguard critical marine habitat – our planet’s endangered coral reefs – while supporting the communities that rely on them. As part of Drops in the Ocean, Ocean is providing a platform for CRF™ to empower the UK public to take action in support of our planet’s critical life support systems, using the success of their mission as inspiration.

Beth Vessels, Director of Marketing and Communications at CRF™, said: “Our coral reef restoration efforts at CRF™ have proven successful on a large scale, providing a glimmer of hope for preserving our planet’s disappearing biodiversity. We are thrilled to have been awarded a place in the Drops in the Ocean campaign; it’s an incredible opportunity to reach millions of people and inspire them to join us in taking the small actions that all add up to make a big impact.” 

Coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate and currently risk being the first ecosystem our planet loses to human-induced climate change. This threat was never more apparent than this summer, when a historic heatwave, driven by an El Nino event exacerbated by climate change, wiped out huge swathes of coral populations on Florida’s Coral Reef. However,

CRF™ was prepared to respond and worked with partners to bank genetic diversity as much as possible. They then successfully relocated thousands more corals from ocean-based nurseries to protect them from the heat. And, thanks to the scale at which they work and the dedication of their team, the CRF™ nurseries are still home to almost 20,000 surviving corals – a population that will allow them to rebuild their stock and restart their vital work, preventing the extinction of these critically endangered animals and the habitat they build.

Alice Grainger, Sr. Director of Storytelling & Creative Development at CRF™, said: “This summer’s events need to be a wakeup call for the world – it has never been more important that we work together to make the changes needed to ensure these ecosystems don’t disappear. And so, getting the message out has never been more important. The Drops in the Ocean campaign provides a platform to reach millions and engage them in the mission. The program’s visibility on digital networks across the UK emphasises that ‘every coral counts, every action matters,’ highlighting the importance of public support in preserving our planet’s biodiversity.”

Drops in the Ocean enables charities to appear at scale across premium DOOH advertising locations in 16 UK cities, emphasising the urgency of their work and the need for public awareness and support. 

Each charity we have worked with demonstrates that while urgent action is underway, they require visibility to spread the word and attract public support. 

To be considered for our 2024 scheme, applicants should enter here or email