Digital Out of Home is a key influencer in reaching big spending consumers who shun heavy TV viewing.

A new Ocean study measures how receptive light TV viewers are to digital out of home as a conduit between customers, stores and mobile purchase channels.

People classified as light TV views tend to be younger (aged 25 to 44 years olds); earning more than £50,000 a year, active, diverse, college educated and social networking influencers (source: TGI).

They watch less than three hours of television per day, and yet they make up 37.8 per cent of the UK population.

With digital content playing an increasingly significant role in reaching light TV viewers through mobile channels, a new study shows how significant a part DOOH plays in broadcasting this full motion content.

MediaTel surveyed more than 2,000 of them to discover how this multi-screening group responds to DOOH content and if they are likely to consume interesting live DOOH content when they are out and about.

The survey reveals that Light TV viewers:

  • On average, 31 per cent more say they notice large digital screens whilst out shopping compared to the UK general public.
  • That response rises to 43 per cent in London where there tend to be more large format digital screens.
  • On average, 13 per cent more say that relevant digital screen content encourages them to visit a website.
  • And on average, 15 per cent more say that relevant advertising encourages them to visit a store.
  • On average, 34 per cent are more likely to watch interesting live content that they can’t access anywhere else at that time.

Connectivity is a key driver to this group’s heightened response to digital out of home in our cities.

  • On average light TV viewers are 24 per cent more likely to use free wifi out of the home.
  • On average, 14 per cent say they are more likely to look for it.

All of Ocean’s full motion sites and Signature’s The Loop network offer free wifi.

Ocean Group marketing director Richard Malton said: “OOH has always been a great place to target light TV viewers. Digital out of home is even better placed as more and more digital content created by brands needs a broadcast distribution channel.

“With its full motion capabilities, DOOH provides this. This study shows how compelling DOOH content, delivered at scale, works to reach light TV viewers, increasing their interactions with brands via smartphones and priming people to make purchase decisions based on what they have seen.”