Ocean bolsters its position as a leading provider of premium digital out of home locations across the UK with the launch of The Ocean Collections.

Two new DOOH collections give brands access to high definition screens in some of the country’s most exclusive postcodes across seven cities, reaching 39.8 million drivers and passengers.

The Ocean Collections curates Ocean’s premium roadside locations into The Portrait Collection and The Landscape Collection, representing a total of 39 screens in 21 handpicked locations placed on the busiest arterial routes. They encompass some of the UK’s most iconic digital locations, Holland Park Roundabout, Liverpool Media Wall and Two Towers West.

Ocean group marketing director Richard Malton said: “Since 2007, Ocean has been developing its national offer, building the best large format digital roadside sites which, together, demonstrate an enhanced DOOH national portfolio.

“The Ocean Collections comprise the best digital landscape and portrait locations across the UK which research proves create emotional impact and generate lasting brand recall. These are highly versatile collections of screens, responding to customer demand for effective national coverage, which can be purchased to meet any brief be it by day, retail hours, commuter peaks, a week or beyond. People will ask for The Ocean Collections by name.”

The Landscape Collection

  • 10 Digital roadside landscape locations
  • 16 High Definition Screens
  • London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds
  • 14.5 million fortnightly impacts

The Portrait Collection

  • 11 Digital roadside landscape locations
  • 23 High Definition Screens
  • London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • 26.4 million fortnightly impacts