Ahead of the launch of Rare’s Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 20th, Microsoft chose Piccadilly Lights to share enticing videos of the game and encourage pre-orders.

The UK gaming industry is the fifth largest in the world; in a competitive space with no shortage of games on offer, how do gaming brands reach their target audience?

Microsoft has a strong track record of choosing some of the biggest brand-building sites in out-of-home advertising.

Piccadilly Lights is no exception – a site visited by 100 million people a year, featuring only six brands at any one time and offering a full screen domination for 40 seconds every twenty minutes is exactly where the world’s biggest brands should be.

Chris Standish, Head of Brand Partnerships said of the campaign “Choosing Piccadilly Lights to promote Xbox and Sea of Thieves was the perfect fit within Microsoft’s wider marketing strategy – an iconic site, presenting exciting full-motion gaming videos to the crowds that pass by every day.

“Microsoft appreciate the value of a site as incomparable as Piccadilly Lights. Our portfolio with its iconic ‘ask for it by name’ locations has the cache brands of this calibre deserve.”

The campaign was booked by Carat and Posterscope.