Women’s shoe brand Keds ran a bespoke campaign on Ocean’s Eat Street Screen using Wi-Fi technology, which delivered a 28 per cent uplift in sales and a 50 per cent conversion rate to the brand.

Keds wanted a campaign that would appeal to young women, their consumers, targeting them online through digital and mobile and tablet, but also in a shopping environment which is where their consumers spend most of their time. Digital out of home was the solution because it marries up all of those platforms actually in the retail space.

The campaign offered shoppers a 20 per cent discount voucher if they logged on to Ked’s wifi page via the Ocean screen which they could either redeem immediately in store at Schuh, or use at another shoe stockist at a later date.

Charlie Morgan, Keds marketing manager EMEA said: “Keds loves new things, different things, that is what we are known for. We are almost 100 years old as a company but at the heart of it is innovation, so this really tied in with the brand.

“In terms of the results, we had a fantastic uplift in sales. We were up by about 28 per cent at the Schuh store in Westfield.”