Churchill Insurance partners with WCRS and Ocean Outdoor in an award-winning digital out of home campaign featuring Churchie the iconic dog serving live, personalised messages to drivers.

‘Churchie’s Drive-Thru Car Insurance’, created by WCRS, won the 2016 Creative Techniques award in Ocean’s annual digital creative competition that fosters innovation in digital out of home.

WCRS’ campaign leverages Ocean’s pioneering vehicle recognition technology on the large format Holland Park Roundabout tri-screen in West London, using a retro American drive-thru diner theme to promote Churchill’s car insurance policy.

Churchie interacts directly with motorists by serving them super-targeted, playful creative which is triggered by the make, model and colour of stationary vehicles as they wait at the traffic lights opposite.

Selected cars trigger one of more than 18,000 possible messages each day – everything from “Morning red convertible! Keep the wind in your hair with our free roadside assistance” and “Sporty turquoise Boxter, Keep those wheels hot. Repairs guaranteed for 5 years”, to “Morning Prius! You care for the planet; we care for you. 24/7 breakdown cover”.

The campaign runs from April 5 to April 8.

Ed Harland-Lang, head of marketing communications, Churchill, said: “Cars are often a reflection of our personalities. The creation of Churchie’s Drive-Thru allows us to make our car insurance truly personal too.”

Dino Burbidge, director of technology and innovation, WCRS said: “Ocean’s vehicle recognition technology allows us to seamlessly achieve the marketing holy grail of ‘right location, right message, right time’ while demanding nothing more from the audience than stopping at the lights. It’s this ability to offer seamless yet hyper-targeted messaging that makes the Churchill Drive-Thru so effective.”

Helen Beacham, Ocean’s head of marketing, said: “Once again, WCRS understands what you can do with live out of home data. The use of graphics is excellent and they have translated the tone of the brand so well. It is also a really happy campaign and that’s what makes it an Ocean competition winner.”