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The Awards Ceremony

9th October 2014

Creative Techniques Category Winners

Joint Third Place


“Intelligent Thermostat” by Talon in collaboration with Grand Visual & Beyond @ MG OMD

Using DOOH to deliver a live and dynamic contextually relevant communication, showcasing the key benefits of the NEST Intelligent Thermostat which gives you precise control of the temperature in your home, from wherever you are. Each message considers the environment and audience mindset specifically, making a localised message work on a grand scale.

Joint Third Place

British Airways

“World on Sale” by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

For the first time ever, brand new technology (UrtheCast’s API) will live stream footage of the earth from the International Space Station (ISS) on to large format digital screens. As it travels around the globe, British Airways will pinpoint destinations in real time that British Airways fly to with redeemable flight deals, that will pop up as pins on the map – if the pin is gold, the trip is free!

Second Place


“Hijack the Radio” by Kinetic Active in collaboration with Starcom Mediavest

By hijacking radio air-play, Spotify want to deliver contextually relevant messaging to users as they drive past The Two Towers West, highlighting Spotify’s vast range of choice as opposed to listening to the normal radio. A section of the A4 will be ring-fenced using radio frequency scanners, an algorithm will determine the predominant radio station being listened to whilst travelling towards the screen. Traffic monitoring systems will demonstrate the speed of the traffic, and both feeds will deliver a message to drivers, both promoting levels of information from Spotify.

First Place


“#TopTrends” by Twitter UK

Topshop will use Twitter data to feed information about the latest fashion trends. These looks will then be created by Topshop and shown on both Twitter and The Grid. These trends will not only reflect the live moments witnessed on Twitter, they will also correspond to localised weather and time of day – meaning that each Grid location will be display relevant information to that city, whilst aggregating data across a period of time to reflect the fashion mood of the entire city.

Interactive Category Winners

Third Place

British Airways

“Spin the Globe” by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Using motion sensitive technology, passers by can spin the globe by swiping their hand in front of the poster. Once the globe is spinning, the consumer can stop the globe by pointing at it, and using Google earth the poster will zoom into the nearest country and a pin will appear promoting a deal with British Airways for a special sale price.

Second Place

The North Face

“Thermoball Jacket – Creating Warm Leads” by Manning Gottlieb OMD

This campaign delivers a physical manifestation of the message. Thermo imaging cameras are fixed to screens and detect the body temperatures of passersby. The colder consumers are detached and asked to try on a jacket. They will visibly be able to see how their body temperatures will increase as a result of wearing the jacket, and offered a discount to the nearest stores to The Grid.

First Place

Women’s Aid

“If you can see it, you can change it” by WCRS

To promote the core brand message of ensuring that the more people who take notice, the less that physical abuse takes place, both DOOH and facial recognition technology will work together to identify exactly how many people are looking at a creative on a screen. The more people that look at the screen, the more the bruises and scars will disappear. The image of the beaten woman will continue to change whilst people look at the screen and look away, ensuring the message really hits home.

The Judging Day

26th September 2014
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