All you need is an idea.

Our Digital Creative Competition is the brief you’ve been waiting for.

We want you to think outside the screen and push the limits of our technologies.

So far, we’ve unearthed six Cannes Lions winners and celebrated the ingenuity of countless more creatives, brands and charities across the UK and Europe.

Ready to join them? Watch the launch video and read more below.

Ocean Digital Creative Competition Launch Video


Winners from the Competition have gone on to win big across the world.

These previous winners all went on to win at the Cannes Lions

  • Microloan Foundation, “Pennies for Life”

    Cannes Lion Gold (Mobile) Award, 2012

    Read more

  • Women’s Aid,
    “Look at Me”

    Cannes Lion Gold (Outdoor) and Silver (Cyber) Awards, 2015

    Read more

  • Born Free,

    Cannes Lion Silver (Outdoor) Awards, 2018

    Read more

  • Ancestry,
    “The Old Piccadilly Lights”

    Cannes Lion Silver (Outdoor) Awards, 2021

    Read more

  • The Big Issue,
    “I'm here”

    Cannes Lion Bronze (Outdoor) Awards, 2022

    Read more

This year, it’s your turn


The versatility of Digital Out of Home allows for inspiring responses to brand objectives

The evolution of the medium facilitates use of both full motion imagery and integrated technology, to deliver emotionally engaging campaigns.

It has also taken a fundamental leap forward in its fame, its power and its potential for brands. From being an effective OOH communication platform providing huge success for brands, it is now a platform that delivers this as well as extensive amplification across social media, meaning the point of influence for brand messaging is not just people in front of the screen, but extends to global eyeballs.

This is our next challenge as a medium, and this year’s competition challenge

2019 winners Plastic Soup linked the user's phone to the screen to play the game Lovehoney used contextually relevant messaging during 2020 Ancestry recreated the Old Piccadilly Lights Lego used no-touch Haptics Technology to allow interactivity with screens Lego used no-touch Haptics Technology to allow interactivity with screens


Step 1.
Create your Concept

Use your imagination to develop an idea for your Commercial or Non-profit brand that best uses the Digital Out of Home medium

Step 2.
Identify your Locations

Design your concept for any of Ocean’s Cities and Locations*

  • Ocean's Cities
    Digital Cities for Digital Citizens – 16 major cities across the UK
  • Full Motion
    The Loop and The Grid – movement gives 2.5 more memory encoding
  • DeepScreen®
    Ocean's DeepScreen® templates enable stunning 3D anamorphic effects, with no need for glasses.
  • National Roadside
    The Ocean Collections – Stand out emotional impact on UK’s busiest roads
  • Retail
    Westfield – London’s real city centres
  • Experiential
    Experiential in the UK’s top cities – Amplification of your screen activity
  • VDT
    Vehicle Detection Technology – un-paralled roadside targeting technology
  • Augmented Reality
    Whether it's triggering Mobile AR or presenting and On-Screen "mirror" experience, Augmented Reality and DOOH work brilliantly together.
  • Live Streaming
    Both Data and Video Streaming networks – Live across the UK

Top Tip

Try to network your idea – think of how your idea can roll out across multiple locations, or can own a destination. Also, think about what will make your campaign shareable!

*Excluding Piccadilly Lights

Step 3.
Submit your Entry

Bring your concept to life for the judges by submitting accompanying visuals. We will accept anything from a sketch through to a fully animated video, and you can use the Photoshop templates below.

Enter by 5pm on the 23 August 2024 using the Entry Form and be sure to read the Terms & Conditions

Location Templates

To help you visualise your concept we've put together a pack of Photoshop files (with smart objects) and a collect of footage (with easily "key-able" green screens) for several of our locations. If you need any help using these files or need anything else please get in touch

Browse Photoshop Templates (Dropbox)

Browse Footage (Dropbox)


We divide Commercial and Non-profit entries and award prizes for each separately.

Gold Prizes

Commercial & Non-profit

£100,000 media space on chosen location(s)*

Silver Prizes

Commercial & Non-profit

£75,000 media space on chosen location(s)*

Bronze Prizes

Commercial & Non-profit

£50,000 media space on chosen location(s)*

New Prize for 2024

New for 2024 – 7 countries, 7 Competitions, 1 Grand Prix
2024 sees the Ocean Digital Creative Competition align in 7 countries.

All Gold prize winners from all competitions will be judged again later this year, and the winner will have an additional chance to appear on the best screens across Northern Europe and the global icon, The Piccadilly Lights*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

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