June 20th, 2018
The Loop: 7 reasons to ask for it by name

If you took a random poll around the industry and asked  “what is Ocean Outdoor about?” I’m pretty confident the response would be that Ocean is built on super premium, iconic, large format screens, in the top 10 city centre locations.

There would also hopefully be mention of our pioneering work in Neuroscience and our long-term commitment to driving creativity through our creative competition. What might not be mentioned in the first breath would be our super premium small format product, The Loop which has revolutionised DOOH in Birmingham and Manchester.

It almost feels strange to say, but The Loop is a product that personifies everything what Ocean stands for, in a small but perfectly formed state – it’s as Ocean as any product will ever get.

Here’s why it is totally peerless:

  1. Key UK cities. The Loop was selected by both Manchester and Birmingham councils to be the leading digital product at the heart of their smart cities strategy. These are the two largest cities outside London, delivering huge retail sales.
  2. Locations. Each of The Loop’s 80 locations has been hand selected by Ocean’s development team and the council, creating a seamless consumer journey through each city – there is a purpose for every single location.
  3. Size. Absolutely vital in a crowded city center, it’s a small format digital product that is actualy very large, weighing in at 84 inches of 4k LCD magic. The Loop is unrivalled.
  4. Full Motion. Proven to deliver x2.5 more impact, every one of The Loop screens is full motion. This creates amazing standout in the busy environments, creating brand cut through.
  5. Flexibility. With The Loop live planning system, brands have the ultimate in flexibility. With the ability to plan and buy by multiple audiences, day, day part and budget. However an advertiser wants to plan their campaign, The Loop delivers 100% flexibility.
  6. Connectivity. With its fibre broadband connection, The Loop delivers super-fast connectivity (we challenge you to do the speed test). So brands wanting to enhance their engagement with the consumer can do so.
  7. Genuine dynamic copy delivery – our technology makes dynamic content delivery a reality. An enabler for responsive campaigns bringing digital creativity to the forefront of the market.

It’s this combination that makes The Loop unique: a network of screens proving the adage that not all screens are equal and neither are all impacts.

Right impact, right time, right medium, right location and that’s why brands should Ask for it by name: The Loop.

The Loop Birmingham
The Loop Manchester
The Loop Birmingham
The Loop Manchester

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