One ocean, one climate, one future: together. 

In the lead-up to World Ocean Day (8th June 2024), we are reminded of the vital role oceans play in sustaining life on earth, a cause that connects us all. In recognition of this important day, we have engaged in various activities, including team volunteering, a nationwide OOH charity campaign and internal discussions.

Today, our blue planet faces one of its greatest threats: the climate crisis. A healthy ocean is essential for a healthy climate, and vice versa. This year, World Ocean Day highlights the immediate need for action. By fostering transformative collaboration ensures not just a healthy environment, but also promotes a more equitable and fair society.

Shining a light on the charities making a difference

This year, we are supporting five charities by giving them media space on our screens across London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh, on our Loop network.

SEE Turtles: help turtles and communities by inspiring people to get active in conservation efforts. They help coastal communities save millions of hatchlings on nesting beaches beaches, clean up thousands of pounds of plastic, and more.

Our Only World: are on a mission to help restore ocean health with proven and scalable solutions. With a focus to install as many water refill stations as possible around Cornwall, and beyond, to replace the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Blue Marine Foundation: are dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. By doing so, they aim to restore the earths climate.

Marine Conservation Society: are a environmental charity by and for sea lovers. They are working toward a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean – one we can all enjoy.

Surfers Against Sewage: are a campaigning charity made up of water lovers who protect the ocean and all it makes possible. They take action on the ground that triggers change at the top.

Canal&River Trust: are the UK’s largest canal charity, looking after 2,000 miles of canals and rivers across England and Wales. They do so with the support of volunteers and fundraising efforts.

Cleaning London canals with Canal&River Trust 

Working with the Canal&River Trust, our London Ocean team took on the challenge of tackling plastic pollution in our waterways. We split into two groups, with half the team heading to the canals in Camden and the other half heading to Walthamstow Wetlands, with an aim to collect as much litter and plastic as possible. We were also able to help with some light planting and painting to spruce up the surrounding areas. By the end of the day, we collected about 12 bags of rubbish and freshened up the railings in Camden Lock.

Our Glasgow team also got involved with Ocean Day with a beach clean, in Seamill Beach at West Kilbride. Collecting around a dozen bags of rubbish, aided by their four legged friends.

Canal&River Trust reports that 14m pieces of rubbish end up in our rivers and canals each year, and 500,000 pieces are carried into oceans, negatively impacting the environment on a global scale. Our work on World Ocean Day, as well as the work of many others, is so important in protecting our waterways and wildlife.

Internal discussions 

Prior to the volunteer work, we held various talks and discussions in the office on the subject of sustainability. These included an informative talk from Alice Date, Sustainability Manager at Talon, and Sophie Pemberton, Group CSO. Additionally, we had a presentation from the Canal & River Trust and our company’s sustainability update. These discussions provided valuable insights and set a strong foundation for our volunteer efforts.

Ocean Networks

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