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May 13th, 2024
Stonewall Housing raises awareness about the LGBTQ+ homelessness crisis

Kicked out for coming out won first prize in our digital creative competition.

Almost one in five LGBTQ+ people experience homelessness in their lifetime, with 77% citing family rejection as the reason for
their homelessness when coming out or being outed.

Mr. President’s DOOH campaign seeks to spread the message about LGBTQ+ homelessness in order to raise much needed funds for Stonewall Housing to support those in need of advice, temporary accommodation and advocacy.

The campaign won first prize in the charity category of our 2023 digital creative competition – with £100K of media spend across our multiple environments and iconic digital formats in cities across the UK. Breaking 13 May, it is running for the next two weeks.

The campaign combines Ocean Labs’ technology with localised messaging to help the crisis feel “close to home”. The creative sees someone from the LGBTQ+ community standing behind the frosted glass of a front door. Using Ocean Labs’ sound technology, we hear the shouting, abuse and family rejection that people from the community face when coming out.
The sequence ends with the hard-hitting message ‘Kicked Out for Coming Out’, as onlookers are invited to donate to help Stonewall Housing end LGBTQ+ homelessness in the area.

To authentically portray the campaign, the Mr President team worked alongside representatives of the LGBTQ+ community for whom the campaign held particular significance: It was shot by Laura Pannack and the campaign talent was a real service user of Stonewall Housing – having actually faced family rejection when coming out. The audio was also created from a true story from a real service user.

Our Loop network serves as the perfect placement for the creative on multiple levels with placements in selected sites in London, Birmingham and Manchester – all communities that the charity serves. The 6-sheet sites resemble that of a door – helping deliver the visual concept. And finally, Ocean Labs’ dynamic sound technology is the perfect opportunity to stop people in their tracks – knowing it’s instinctive for people to look around when they hear shouting.

Claire Linacre-Hilton, Stonewall Housing’s director of development, said “Every person deserves a place to call home, free from discrimination and fear. Our new campaign, ‘Kicked Out for Coming Out,’ not only sheds light on the critical need for safe and affirming housing options, but also underscores the profound impact of community support in transforming lives. By encouraging donations through this campaign, we can continue to provide essential services and advocate for people’s housing rights.”

Laura Clark, associate creative director at Mr. President, said “As a small charity, we really wanted to create something impactful for Stonewall Housing. The stats around LGBTQ+ homelessness are shocking, therefore we wanted to highlight this by giving people a window into what it’s like for LGBTQ+ people when coming out, creating the awareness the charity needs and deserves.”

Our UK marketing director Marie Le Hur said: “This intriguing, impactful idea is a clever use of our small format network, The Loop, and Ocean Labs’ technology in some of our key city centre locations. Digital out of home is the perfect partner to raise awareness for a problem that needs solving and a charity people may not have heard of, making Stonewall Housing a worthy winner of Ocean’s digital creative competition.”

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