December 8th, 2022
Spotify Wrapped to be unwrapped at Westfield this festive season

The festive season is upon us once more and the time has come for Spotify to remind us of the 2022 Spotify listening choices we made.

The Spotify Wrapped campaign, in its eighth year, shares personalised data with listeners to show their most listened to content over the year – by song, by artist and by genre.

Unsurprisingly, the personalised nature of this campaign and the social-ready presentation means it has been a huge viral social media campaign too. It’s now an anticipated gift every year, with Spotify cleverly using the wider data to create a buzz around the start of the campaign by combining and sharing their own trends from us as a nation and our listening habits.

This year Spotify are utilising a special build out-of-home campaign down at our Westfield London Pump Station site which will feature Central Cee, who became one of the most famous rappers in the UK in 2022. Alongside that, with x12 LEDs to illuminate the Northbound, there will be another special build with the Nova Twins, who had over 27m streams on Spotify in 2022 so far.

Utilising our special build opportunity, Spotify’s campaign will be more likely to catch attention, engage emotions and drive a positive response. It will also lead to a higher likelihood of memory encoding for the brand itself.

Fraser Stapleton, Head of Consumer Marketing UK+IE at Spotify says, “Wrapped is our way of saying thank you to both our listeners and creators in different ways. For our listeners, Wrapped is a great way for them to know more about their year in audio and unique listening habits, and the data they see being shared by friends and creators on social can also help them discover even more great audio content. And then for our creators, our special build out-of-home campaigns are just one way we like to say thank you and highlight all their amazing work which we get to enjoy.”

James Powell, of Rapport IMPACT said, “We are always excited to be challenged on how we can amplify Wrapped to increase cut through and talkability in market. There is no better medium creatively than OOH to do this and are thrilled to bring to life and highlight two key artists with these special build executions this year.”

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