March 27th, 2020
Some Things You Might Find Useful – 27 March

Update on changing OOH Audience Behaviour: Spending and decision making still happening OOH

  • UK Grocery Sales Up 22%. (Source: Research Live)
  • Household and pet care items saw the biggest jump in sales (up 65%) year-on-year, followed by ambient groceries (62%). (Source: Research Live)
  • Health, beauty, toiletries and baby care items increased by 46% and frozen food sales went up by 33%. Sales of alcohol (beer, wine and spirits) also increased by 11%, while snacks were up 18%. (Source: Research Live)
  • In terms of individual category growth, the biggest increase was in sales of UHT milk, up by 181%, and toilet tissue (140%). (Source: Research Live)
  • 54% of Brits went shopping over the past 2 days – be that for groceries/pharmacy or something else. This increases to 60% of those in London. (Source: YouGov, 24/03/20)
  • 64% are still going out for a walk or a form of exercise. Interestingly this is only 59% of 18-24s and highest among 55-64s (67%) and 65+ (74%). (Source: YouGov, 24/03/20)
  • Overall, 67% of people are still going out (even though for significantly less time). (Source: YouGov, 24/03/20)

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