May 29th, 2020
Some Things You Might Find Useful – 29th May

Kinetic Journeys

  • Audiences continue to grow as we emerge from lockdown
  • The most recent report from Kinetic’s behavioural planning platform – Journeys, shows a steady increase in OOH audiences.
  • OOH weekly impacts for the last official week of lock down showed a 6% week-on-week increase. Numbers are expected to grow even further, with the current partial ease in restrictions as more and more people return to work and movement of people increases.

@ The Local – Ocean’s Research Panel

With lockdown restricting our movement, we have all been missing and looking forward to going back to normality and with some sight of things returning back to normal now, we asked our panellists which are the things they are most looking forward to post lockdown:

  • 75% said they can’t wait to see friends and family in person
  • For 40% it was travelling and going on holidays
  • 40% also really missing going out to restaurants and cafes
  • 1 in 3 are also eager to go back to shopping in stores (when it comes to clothes and accessories)

These are the categories we expect to see the sharpest increase in the following weeks as lockdown continues to ease across the UK.


With the ease of lockdown restrictions, Brits are now more positive and excited about the future post COVID 19 and lockdown.

  • 63% of Brits say the situation is getting better and the worst is behind us.
  • Allowing unlimited exercise in England has further had an effect on people taking advantage of the hot weather and increased freedom of movement – with the majority exercising outdoors.
  • The majority of Brits go out to exercise – whether that’s walking (55%), running (15%) or Cycling (10%) – they are making the most of being outdoors.
  • Retailers prepare to open doors again – retail giant Primark gears up to reopen after nearly two months of forced closure.
  • Majority of Brits say once lockdown restrictions are further loosened and retailers open they would feel comfortable returning to stores.

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