April 14th, 2020
Some Things You Might Find Useful – 14th April

According to a recent research conducted by Opinium: Now is not the time for silence

  • Consumers still want to hear from brands, in fact in some cases even more than usual. In particular consumers say they want to hear more from: Grocery stores, Healthcare and Pharma, Household goods and Food and Drink companies.
  • What is more, those who are more vocal and communicate to their consumers more frequently, were also perceived to have responded better to the current situation, giving consumers more confidence in them.

(source: Opinium)

Appinio’s Covid-19 tracker showed what sort of activities people are now doing more of and how behaviour has changed:

  • The top 3 activities are as follows – Watching TV (54% increase), Being online (49% increase) and Streaming video services (45% increase).
  • Other increases include Reading books (up 32%), Gaming (up 29%) and Cooking (up 35%).

(source: Appinio Research)

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