November 15th, 2022
Shining a spotlight on Black History Month across Ocean screens this October

Every October we celebrate Black History Month – a chance to reflect and discuss black history and learn how we can improve equality, diversity and inclusion in race moving forward.

Here at Ocean we want to represent the communities in which our screens are located so we look each year to amplify awareness days or months like Black History Month on our screens.

Last year we ran a campaign which celebrated influential black people around the world and their stories. Nelson Mandela, Lewis Hamilton and other iconic figures graced our screens with their significance explained underneath for people passing by to read.

This year we joined up with our partners over at Team GB to celebrate some of our national athletes and their achievements. From the artwork, which features gold medal winning athletes such as Mo Farah, you could scan a QR code which took the viewer to a section of Team GB’s website where they could read more about the trailblazers.

The article goes back to Harry Edwards, the first black athlete to compete and win medals for Team GB, and gives a nod to other notable black athletes such as Alice Dearing, who is Team GB’s first black female swimmer who has since launched the Black Swimming Association to encourage more people who share her background to swim.

You can read more here.

It has been great to showcase this campaign on screens across the country, from Glasgow, to Birmingham, through London and in Southampton.

Black History Month is a month of important cultural significance and we’re glad we can do our bit to amplify this message.

Black History Month campaign 2022, in Birmingham
Black History Month campaign 2022, in London
Black History Month campaign 2021, in Newcastle

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