May 3rd, 2012
Ocean’s Growth Recognised by the Outdoor Media Centre

Following a successful vote of approval by OMC members, the Outdoor Media Centre today announces the creation of a new Board membership tier, recognising growth and innovation across the sector.

Board members are those Associate members who have grown their revenues significantly in recent times and who now step up to a higher level of subscription funding, in exchange for recognition and the opportunity to help steer OMC activities.

Jeremy Male, chairman of OMC, says, “This is a great step forward as outdoor continues to grow and diversify. We welcome the new Board members and are confident they will make the OMC stronger.”

The Board has the right to appoint two members to sit on the OMC’s Council and standing committees (marketing, public policy, health and safety, and environment). The six companies joining the Board are Admedia, blowUP, Eye Corp, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, and Ubiquitous. These companies reflect a wide range of media not presently covered by the Council.

Council members remain as before CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Primesight.

“We aim to grow the number of Board members in future as successful companies grow in scale and stature,” says Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre. “The new structure also has the benefit of ensuring affordable fees for our smaller members.”

Nike on The IMAX
Nike on The IMAX

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