June 21st, 2017
Ocean Outdoor and intu partnership to engage shoppers with Nottingham’s first large format digital screen
  • Ocean Outdoor expands to its tenth UK city to launch what will be the largest digital screen in the east midlands region
  • Nottingham One screen at the entrance to intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham will use audience recognition cameras to deliver personalised content

Shopping centre owner intu has teamed up with premium out of home media owner Ocean Outdoor to launch Nottingham’s first large format digital advertising screen that will engage shoppers in Nottingham with content tailored to their consumer profile.

The Nottingham One screen at the entrance to intu Victoria Centre will use innovative audience recognition cameras to identify someone’s age, gender and even their emotions so that it can display the adverts most likely to entertain them.

intu and Ocean Outdoor’s partnership will expand Ocean’s footprint to 10 cities across the UK and support intu’s strategy to deliver compelling experiences across its portfolio of the UK’s most popular shopping and leisure destinations.

Roger Binks, customer experience director at intu, said: “This new screen at the entrance to intu Victoria Centre makes use of innovative technology and a high footfall location to target shoppers already in a buying mind-set with the most engaging content. It’s the latest example of how intu is taking advantage of the newest technology and great partnerships to create compelling experiences that will make our customers smile.”

Richard Malton, Ocean marketing director said: “Nottingham is the UK’s seventh biggest retail centre so our partnership with intu to launch Nottingham One gives Ocean a premium digital out of home presence in all top seven UK cities.

“There’s currently a lack of external out of home options in Nottingham and the launch of Nottingham One at intu Victoria Centre fills that void, offering brands access to the east midlands’ most affluent and highest spending shoppers at the city’s most visited retail destination. And as Nottingham has the UK’s fourth-youngest population, there is also a significant number of younger mobile audiences in the city thanks to its vast student population and high proportion of 16-44 year-old residents.”

Measuring at 11.52m wide by 7.68m high, around the height of a two storey building, the new screen will be also the largest in the east midlands region.

Nottingham One – technical specs

  • Location – intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3QN
  • Screen dimensions – 11.52m wide by 7.68m high
  • Screen manufacturer – Lighthouse
  • Technical spec – 1152 x 778 pixels, 10mm
  • Audience recognition cameras and wifi enabled
Nottingham ONE
Nottingham ONE

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