May 20th, 2016
NHS Blood & Transplant – Virtual Blood Donation

In the UK, it is a constant challenge to recruit the right number and mix of donors across blood groups, ages and ethnic communities. Following this, NHS Blood and Transplant launched a new digital out of home campaign to highlight the life-saving power of blood donation.

The campaign featured a brand new piece of technology, an augmented reality app, which linked to a large format full motion digital screen at The Screen@New Street and Eat Street@Westfield London. On the screen was the image of an empty blood bag and an ill patient, one of 3 real life recipients filmed for use in this powerful campaign. Using visual recognition, a sticker applied to a participant’s arm triggered a plaster, needle and tube overlay on the individual’s mobile phone screen.

Each participant then watched as the ‘blood’ flowed down the tube from their arm and up on to the screen in front of them. The virtual donor could then watch as the sick patient on the screen grew visibly better as a result of their action – a powerful demonstration of how they had helped and a personal insight into the reward and satisfaction frequent donors feel.

The two digital OOH locations in Birmingham New Street and Westfield London were selected to meet the objective of reaching younger people and the BAME population. The activity was amplified across owned and paid for social channels for 3 weeks from launch.

The interactive experience stimulated not only knowledge and awareness, but elicited a real life experience that delivers emotional engagement, and consequently enhanced impact for the campaign.

A huge success:

  • 722 donors registered over 5 days of outdoor activity – 30% from under 20s age group / 87% under 40 / 16% BAME
  • 7% increase in general conversation with 15% increase in positive sentiment on social channels*
  • 123% increase in the use of #giveblood*
  • Paid for social running for 3 weeks from launch delivered 1,911 new donor registrations, and 11% uplift on like for like activity
  • Organic social generated high levels of engagement with one video alone receiving 60,000 impacts – NHSBT’s 4th most successful video ever
  • 981 appointments for new and lapsed donors were booked at the event.
  • Over 20 pieces of consumer and trade media coverage, including BBC West Midlands, ITV London and London Live who all filmed on location.

*Figures are week on week comparisons

The Screen @ New Street
The Screen @ New Street
The Screen @ New Street
The Screen @ New Street

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