February 16th, 2018
Moving Emotions: How Neuroscience is Opening New Doors for Digital OOH

Following the successful launch of Ocean’s third wave of Neuroscience research in November, attention has focused not only on the results which quantify for the industry further accountability for full motion imagery, but it also focuses on what incremental conversations it now facilities for brands – how can they optimise their screen media plans? How can full motion digital out of home bring with it a new dimension of thinking? How can full motion digital out of home be the segue to new waves of creative thinking?

Today sees the release of an article in Campaign which talks about the research from both the Ocean and the wider Neuroscience perspective.

Hear from Helen Haines, Ocean’s Head of marketing and events, and Heather Andrews, CEO Of Neuro-insight UK, on why full motion digital out of home sits at a unique point in the media ecosystem.

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