January 26th, 2018
Life On Our Planet Started in the Ocean

And it’s in the Ocean that, if we fail to protect it, it will end. What are we doing wrong? Simply put, we are taking too much out of it and we’re putting too much (poison and litter) in it. Time to change all that.

Recently the world has woken up to the fact that plastic just isn’t fantastic. Not all plastic of course, we’re talking about throwaway (single-use) plastic: stuff we use for a few minutes (bottles, straws, stirrers, wrappers, cups, bags etc.) and that lasts centuries once out at sea.

Will we deliver change?

We’re hearing good things about it from government and businesses, with commitments on plastic bottles, food and drink packaging and coffee cups that we’re told will be delivered in future. OK, it takes time to make things happen, but big actions are needed right now to stop the tide of plastic being used, thrown away, and ending up on land and sea.

We can only do this through keeping the plastic story alive and kicking and screaming – and we see consumer pressure now as the key to make change happen, and make the promises of businesses come good. This is what our partnership with Ocean Outdoor offers us. We’re able to make sea pollution real for people out eating, drinking, shopping, in the highest footfall sites where decisions are being made about where to buy, what to pick up and what to refuse.

Humans can be very selfish and self-centered. Most of us have seen footage of turtles, whales and seals suffering with plastic items in nasal passages, mouths and stomachs. With this campaign we are trying to bring the issue “closer to home”. Simulating ourselves in the same situation as turtles and whales and seabirds, we hope people will “feel” some of the pain and act accordingly. This campaign will, must, make a difference.

Thank you for endorsing it.

Thank you Ocean Outdoor for championing it.


The campaign was created by daughter, an independent creative agency based in Leamington Spa. See more of their work at

Guy Farrow has been an advertising photographer for 25 years. He captures the drama in sports, portrait and fashion and has been repeatedly listed in Luerzer’s Archive, 200 best Ad Photographers & The Association of Photographers Awards.

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