July 3rd, 2018
How did Swarovski ‘Bring Colour to Summer’?

The results of an activation can be tough to measure at times. You might have given away all of your goody bags, but how much attention were consumers really paying to your brand? Our latest Ocean Labs collaboration with Swarovski (planned by Havas Media and Adcity UK with supporting creative by HKX Productions) showed just how powerful interactive digital out-of-home activations can be.

The activation

Shoppers were invited to enjoy a vibrant splash of summer colour with an exclusive interactive campaign that dominated our Eat Street screen at Westfield London.

Participants could ‘Bring Colour To Summer’ by stepping on one of four coloured spots positioned in front of the screen. Our LookOut technology then detected when people were standing on the floor vinyls, triggering their chosen colour to change on screen from black and white to its vibrant counterpart. If they moved from one vinyl to another, the colour changed to match. And if a group got involved, they could light up the entire screen in full colour at the same time.

The activation included a chance for participants to win a summer bag and voucher to be redeemed at the Swarovski store at Westfield London.

The results

With our proprietary LookOut technology we were able to show three key metrics that shot up during this weekend domination for Swarovski, proving the effectiveness of their campaign. To begin with, there was a 37.7% increase in attraction ratio (the people who went from an ‘opportunity to see’ to actually focusing on the screen) showing that the creative on-screen and the activation in front of it drew shoppers in.
The 28.1% increase in dwell time proves that this was a campaign that stopped people in their tracks and encouraged them to wait and watch the Swarovski activation in action.

Finally, the 81.9% increase in total attention time shows that shoppers remained captivated by the changing colours and the chance to interact with the digital out-of-home screen.

Previous campaigns (from brands such as Sony Pictures and The Emoji Movie) have shown that interactive DOOH campaigns provide consumers with fun, surprising activities and dramatically increase the levels of interaction and attention. Swarovski’s Bring Colour to Summer once again proves the power of creativity in collaboration with Ocean’s LookOut technology.

Three of the lucky Swarovski goody bag winners
Three of the lucky Swarovski goody bag winners

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