August 27th, 2015
Five years, five momentous strides to creative success

In the beginning we had no idea how it would play out, if at all.

Looking back, we can see how our annual digital creative competition has become something of a portent for all the momentous milestones that digital out-of-home seems to be clocking up on an ever increasing scale.

From the very small beginnings, today we are able to fill the IMAX theatre with some of the best and bravest digital creatives who stand beside us in the belief that we have to stimulate understanding and exploitation of our medium and with it, growth and brand count.

As the awards enter their sixth year I am privileged to have been part of the journey since the start.  A journey not just for Ocean, but the whole of the out of home industry.

An important journey as the growth in entries, the diversity of sectors and the complexity of ideas reflects the incredible changes and challenges faced by the wider communications and media industries over the past six years.

This illustrates the pace of change we all operate within and, importantly, how hard Ocean and the industry has worked to drive and enhance out of home to remain relevant, valuable and unique.

Innovating, listening and learning are the cornerstones of this competition and these behaviours, along with other valuable initiatives, have served the industry well in a world where traditional models are bending and breaking due to the sheer pace of the change.

No business or industry can look like it did back in 2010 when this competition started.

Ocean doesn’t, and the outdoor industry doesn’t. The best agencies – media, creative and everything in between – have evolved too. This competition and digital OOH feeds off of these organisational changes – demanding that to win, agencies, brands and developers must naturally and transparently collaborate to make the most of the potential marriage of technology, content and creativity.

So here’s to the next five years where brand behaviour is even more responsive, more relevant and more personal and where that behaviour is rewarded by consumers and competitions like this.

Remember, the extended closing date is Friday 11th September so please get entering if you haven’t already.

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2015 Digital Competition
WCRS winning for Women's Aid last year in the Interactive Category
2015 Digital Competition
WCRS winning for Women's Aid last year in the Interactive Category

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