November 28th, 2018
Elevating out-of-home advertising with the Two Towers® network

The extension of our award-winning Two Towers® roadside proposition to Yorkshire seals Ocean’s position as an at scale provider of premium and unique digital out-of- home spaces in the key UK cities.

Impacts wise, we are now the second biggest provider of large format digital OOH that measures bigger than a classic 48 sheet.

And 68 percent of those impacts fall across Scotland and the major English regions which gives us a mighty lead on other digital OOH providers outside of London.

Helping to drive this national network of growing outdoor urban audiences are the Two Towers® gateways which can be bought as part of the Ocean collections, by city, or as a trio covering major, busy arterials in London, Manchester and now Leeds.

Ask for Them By Name

Two Towers® Leeds is the new roadside landmark that’s talking directly to affluent commuters and motorists travelling between the East Midlands and Yorkshire.

  • Leeds, with its huge urban area population, is the UK’s fourth biggest city
  • It is the largest city outside of London for financial and business services
  • Leeds is one of the country’s nine designated creative industries clusters

The double-sided synchronised landscape screens which dominate the city’s busiest inner city A61 route, deliver 1.722 million adult impacts a fortnight:

  • One in three of those resident Leeds adults are classified as AB
  • They have a higher than average spend on fashion
  • A higher than average number identify as innovative car enthusiasts

Two Towers® East is the UK’s number one site covering more than seven million adults and targeting the main route from the East into London’s financial centre, Canary Wharf and City airport:

  • A must have when targeting Europe’s most affluent male consumers
  • Eleven percent of whom are earning £100,000 or more
  • A phenomenal 87 percent AB audience profile

Two Towers® Manchester is the city’s number one large format digital location, reaching an audience of more than 3.6 million. The site straddles the legendary Mancunian Way, targeting business people, commuters and residents.

  • Manchester is the UK’s premier retail hub outside of London
  • It is the country’s third most popular city with international visitors
  • It is home to Europe’s biggest youth population

Media Planning: High Value Audience Delivery

Using large format digital out-of-home to drive brand message and trigger an audience response is a no-brainer.

Our Neuroscience research shows that sites like The Two Towers® generate stronger audience emotions, which means every brand message is better encoded into the memory.  We call this the Wow factor.

This effect is key for any communication because memory encoding correlates with subsequent purchase behaviour.

And, importantly for media planners, iconic sites have a powerful priming effect on other outdoor media. Even with the same creative, research proves that premium sites perform better.

Clever Creativity: Never A Tall Order

Imagine you’re a weary commuter trapped in a tail-back on the A61 when up pops an advert from your favourite airline just up the road at Leeds Bradford airport detailing the weather, time to selected destinations and seat availability for that perfect weekend break you so deserve.

Or you’re debating what to have for that night’s tea when your local convenience store serves up the perfect quick-fix meal deals and dishes for hungry people on the cold, dark home commute.

The beauty of a flexible pair of screens is that they allow for an unlimited range of creative executions which can use subtle motion, real time information, consumer insights and the clever use of content on one tower which bounces right off the other.

Many brands have been doing this to superb effect.

  • BT Sport and Omega celebrated new channel and global sports event countdowns
  • BMW and Audi targeted affluent drivers with aspirational models and test drives
  • Mini served good humoured copy which changed depending on how slow motorists were travelling
  • The Tate Gallery featured different British artistic masterpieces according to the local weather patterns and travel conditions to drive visitor footfall
  • Pimm’s celebrated summer with a campaign only triggered when the temperature rose above a balmy 19 degrees centigrade
  • Discovery Channel used a specific drive time slot to highlight its interview scoop that evening with Lance Armstrong as sports loving commuters headed home

To find out more about premium digital roadside and The Two Towers® Leeds click here or book an appointment with  Nick Shaw or James Harrison.

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