January 9th, 2019
DOOH: Pole position to reach young, mobile audiences

Season five will be a game-changer for Formula E as it sets out to reach new audiences and win gaming fans. It has plenty to entice them.

  • A quality grid of drivers
  • New futuristic Gen2 cars
  • A world class calendar of races
  • Super tight, pop-up street tracks in global cities
  • Tightly packaged, immersive content
  • And an unmistakable brand purpose which has an appealing and important environmental message at its heart

This determination to attract more diverse and younger audiences means 13 FE races across the 2018/19 seasons will be screened not just online but on Ocean’s out of home screens too.

As official media partner, Ocean will carry live and recorded highlights from all 13 upcoming Formula E races leading up to a double header season climax in New York next July.

It’s a logical manoeuvre.

This is a unique opportunity for Formula E to grow UK audiences by expanding the series from its reliance on online viewing platforms and the Red Button to broadcast it across some of the UK’s best city centre screens.

For brands, it means we are able to offer on-screen sponsorship of new age motor-racing action to both official and non-official sponsors and interactive activations which are powered by our clever Wi-Fi connected screens.

For Ocean, it allows us to expand on our Digital Cities for Digital Cities proposition. This is our vision to leverage the innovative capabilities of DOOH to connect cities with people through the kind of premium content, brand entertainment, experiences, information and immersive services they expect.

All presented within carefully curated full motion spaces which deliver on the wow factor for emotional response and engagement and actively prime other media channels.

We know sport works well on our screens. We have already secured other partnerships with Team GB, the NFL, the ITV Grand National and Wimbledon. All of these events give advertisers the chance to frame executions around content which is often less accessible via terrestrial broadcast channels, engaging with audiences that are frequently classified as “hard to reach”.

For our content partners and their sponsors, it’s a chance to connect with diverse audiences and mindsets not just through the sports action, but by creating personal experiences from it.

Imagine, for example, competing against a top FE racing driver in real time via one of our clever smart screens. Our Ocean Labs team are experts in merging the scale and impact of DOOH with multiple, integrated technologies to create this sort of experience which can then be shared by the people taking part on their chosen social channels.

It’s this kind of approach that wins audience attention and industry accolades.

With its Fiercely Driven brand campaign, Formula E promises this season will be as gritty and compelling as the latest immersive video game.

Project that at scale and all of a sudden, we’re shifting DOOH into a completely different gear.

Piccadilly Lights
Piccadilly Lights

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