August 25th, 2016
DOOH brings Strongbow’s famous archer to life

Heineken ran an experiential advertising campaign in partnership with Koffeecup and Posterscope, which utilised Ocean’s flash bridge capabilities to launch its new premium cloudy cider and engage with target audiences.

Flash bridge technology stabilizes content to ensure a high-quality image was displayed on Ocean’s screen, consistently.

Aimed to disrupt busy millennials in their free time, the new beverage took inspiration from the traditional world of cloudy cider to develop a fairground wire game in a high-impact location in Westfield London – The Screen @ Southern Terrace.

An interactive Strongbow archer fired a lightning arrow to a standalone apple tree encouraging participants to play the game of guiding a ring down the lightning line without touching the edges to complete the challenge in the quickest time possible.

The game was connected to Ocean’s The Screen @ Southern Terrace, where a leader board and participant pictures were featured to create a powerful customer experience.

This campaign is a clear example of how DOOH connects with mass audiences, create unique customers’ experiences while brings to life creative concepts.

The Screen @ Southern Terrace
The Screen @ Southern Terrace
The Screen @ Southern Terrace
The Screen @ Southern Terrace

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