August 23rd, 2017
Contextual weather triggers from Cross Country Trains

For two weeks from the end of August, Cross Country Trains will occupy The Loop in Birmingham to highlight some of the best activities available to customers in key Cross Country Train destinations, including: Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Using a fixed slot that alternates between activities available in each location, the creative changes depending on the weather – with local temperatures above 15°C it will display outdoor activities, and in colder temperatures indoor activities will play out. Across all variations of the creative, the average cost of tickets to that destination will be displayed alongside the live temperature in that destination.

Booked and planned through PHD North and Talon, this weather-triggered campaign aims to avoid the wastage of advertising incongruous activities, and to instead tap into consumers’ expected mindset in real time.

Cat Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs said “As research shows, context makes a difference in how consumers receive your message and their subsequent behaviour. The dynamic options available through Ocean’s estate will make the messaging from Cross Country Trains relevant and appealing to the audience.

“With Birmingham residents 72% more likely to prefer holidays at home rather than abroad this is an audience looking to be inspired, and as we know the average Birmingham resident is out-of-home for 3 hours 35 minutes every day, The Loop is the perfect place for Cross Country Trains to inspire with their contextual advertising.”

Cross Country Trains using weather triggers for Sheffield
Contextual advertising from Cross Country Trains for Cambridge
Weather triggering creative for a visit to Leeds with Cross Country Trains

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