July 4th, 2022
Bye, Bye Bob: 50 years of broadcasting marked with fond message of farewell on Ocean’s Media Eyes

The retirement of Bob Warman, ITV Central’s main presenter for the past 50 years, was marked with a surprise message on Ocean’s landmark Media Eyes in Birmingham. The digital screen was lit up live in tribute to Bob during the final minutes of his last ever Midlands show.

Organised by his news colleagues at ITV Central, a photo of Bob holding a mug was accompanied by the message ‘Bye Bye Bob, We’ll Miss You’.

During the last section of the news bulletin on Monday, July 4, ITV Central switched to Ocean’s digital screen which is located above the entrance to Grand Central station overlooking the plaza to show Bob his big digital poster.

Liz Hannam, Head of News at ITV News Central, said: “Bob is extremely modest and said he didn’t want a fuss on his last day.  However we thought differently, and what better way to celebrate his enormous contribution to regional broadcasting than with a picture of him 18 feet tall in one of the most recognisable landmarks in the region.”

Bob is one of ITV’s longest serving news anchors having presented regional news in the Central/Midlands region since 1973. He joined in the days of Central’s predecessor ATV in April 1973, the same year which saw the end of the American War in Vietnam and when Britain joined the Common Market.

Since then, Bob has covered every single type of story from the Birmingham pub bombings to the closure of the world famous Longbridge car works as well as fronting charity marathons.

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