Drops in the Ocean: six causes awarded national OOH campaigns

Six charities and causes who are championing the fight against climate change in diverse habitats and communities on the frontline across the world will benefit from Ocean Outdoor’s annual Drops in the Ocean environmental fund.

Three UK initiatives and three international charities have been chosen to share advertising space across Ocean’s UK portfolio to promote their work and build public support.

Each year, Ocean donates 2% of the Group’s reported revenue to organisations associated with sustainability and the preservation of the planet for current and future generations. The 2024 beneficiaries, chosen from a long list of 26 applicants, are:

Campaign for National Parks supports the future of national parks in England and Wales, working to protect nature and wildlife habitats while improving public support and sustainable access.

Everyday Plastic is an evidence led social enterprise delivering accessible learning campaigns to encourage the transition to a society that is less reliant on plastic by tackling unnecessary consumption and waste.

Take the Jump is grassroots citizen led charity which is encouraging citizens and communities to make important lifestyle changes which science says are necessary to call a halt to climate change.

SolarAid is an international development charity working to create a sustainable market for solar lights in Africa, combating poverty and climate change in the process.

The Reef-World Foundation advocates for the preservation of coral reefs by supporting international governments and communities in the sustainable consumption and production of coastal resources and marine life.

Tree Aid works with people in the drylands of Africa, tackling poverty and the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, improving incomes, restoring and protecting land.

Ocean Outdoor UK marketing director Marie Le Hur said: ”We enter the third year of Drops in the Ocean with six new partners who are investing in the future of vulnerable landscapes, communities and the natural world.  Ocean’s ad fund helps our beneficiaries engage with audiences they don’t normally reach. Our mission is to get as many people on board as we can.”

Jessica Glover, development manager for the Campaign for National Parks, commented: “Despite being some of the nation’s best loved and iconic landscapes, National Parks have been consistently side-lined. Nature in National Parks is in decline and there is pollution in the rivers. People won’t stand up for areas that they don’t feel are for them; and many people don’t know even what a National Park is. That’s why we are thrilled to be able to create connections with urban audiences, building a love and appreciation for these amazing places.”

SolarAid communications director Sofia Ollvid said: “This is an incredible opportunity to show the instant impact of solar energy in some of the poorest and remotest sub-Saharan African communities that we would not otherwise have. Through this partnership, we aim to shine a light on sustainable innovation to create positive change for people and the planet.”

Daniel Webb, founder and director of Everyday Plastic, said: “Reaching millions of people through a dedicated OOH campaign presents perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a small organisation like ours – we’ll grab it with both hands to help everyday people across the UK find a way to connect to the plastic problem and feel empowered  them take action against it.”

Chloe Harvey, executive director of The Reef World Foundation said: “Drops in the Ocean signifies more than just an advertising opportunity for us at Reef-World. As a small but growing UK charity dedicated to marine conservation, it is a profound endorsement of our commitment to saving the reefs and safeguarding our oceans for future generations. This recognition will not only elevate our voice but also strengthen our drive to push for positive change.”

Charity director Tom Bailey said: “Take the Jump is delighted to be working with Ocean to bring a message of empowerment, joy and impact for everyday people in creating a future where everyone can live a full and balanced life while getting human systems back into balance with nature.”

Tom Skirrow, CEO of Tree Aid, commented: “Deforestation and land degradation across the Sahel region in Africa is very underreported in the UK – people are not aware of the multiple, interlinked and severe crises unfolding in that part of the world. Tree Aid supports people living on the frontline of the climate crisis, integrating their ancestral knowledge with new technologies to adapt and restore their land whilst protecting their futures.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ocean on this incredible opportunity to amplify the voices of communities living across the Sahel and encourage more people support our work, which is needed now more than ever.”