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The Screen @ High Street Kensington

One of a kind full motion screen in the upscale Kensington district.

Expanding Ocean’s premium full motion network, The GRID, to the most prosperous neighbourhood in the country.

Unrivalled in its location, this full motion large format location provides a dominant presence for brands in the UK’s most expensive street.

Located at the exit of the prestigious Kensington Arcade shopping centre and facing High Street Kensington station, which has annual footfall of 12 million people, this unique landscape screen reaches commuters and upmarket shoppers of the world-famous retail area of Kensington High Street.

High-impact pedestrian DOOH location with long dwell times, The Screen @ High Street Kensington exudes “high end”, reaching the most affluent people in the country and luxury fashion shoppers from the UK and the globe.


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High Street Kensington, Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5SA, UK / 51.50104,-0.19276 Download Map

Did you know?

Kensington High Street station has an annual footfall of around 12 million people

Audience Demographics*
  • Male / Female

    66% / 34%



  • AB


  • ABC1


Audience Age Ranges*
  • 16-24


  • 25-34


  • 35-44


  • 45-54


  • 55+


Top CACI Acorn Groups*
  • City Sophisticates

    Index 2006 vs. UK average
  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 1306 vs. UK average
Audience Insights*
  • Kensington High Street shoppers only buy the best know retail brands

    (153 vs UK average)

  • Choose premium products and services

    (152 vs UK average)

  • Agree “can’t resist expensive products”

    (161 vs UK average)

  • Large DOOH advertising on buildings "grabs their attention"

    (125 vs UK average)

  • Heavy OOH advertising consumers

    (142 vs UK average)

  • Research a product on their mobile after seeing an OOH ad

    (138 vs UK average)

  • 3.4x more likely to be Managing Director

  • 5.9x more likely to earn over £100,000/annum

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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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