The Global Out of Home landscape is changing, and with change comes new opportunities for brands and consumers, whilst evolving the face of the world’s major cities.

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Ocean practice The Art of Outdoor by creating inspirational canvases and experiences for today’s aspirational brands in the UK, a country which has embraced the medium creating one of the most mature digital out of home markets in the world.

Ocean has a national UK footprint, covering the cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Bristol. Every screen in every location is hand picked for its unique quality and personality.

Introducing the

Ocean has an ambition to expand this unique portfolio globally, developing Digital Out of Home partnerships with like minded businesses, bringing The Art of Outdoor into the heart of the global market, and delivering a one stop shop for brands to prime their global media campaigns.

Cities in the Alliance

Amsterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai, & Stockholm

If you are interested in becoming an Alliance partner, and for all sales enquiries across our international portfolio, please contact:

Nick Shaw
Chief Revenue Officer
+44 (0)20 7292 6121

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam Central Station

4 Full motion, large format LED screens situated within the newly renovated Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam Central Station is the largest railway station in The Netherlands, with 260,000 people passing through the station every day.

  • Impacts

    2,326,310 every 2 weeks

Amsterdam - World Trade Centre

A full motion, landscape digital screen located at the heart of the bustling financial district of Amsterdam, much like that of Canary Wharf in London.

  • Impacts

    702,459 every 2 weeks

  • Total Size

    37 square metres

New York USA


This iconic full motion location helps form the most famous advertising destination in the world, Times Square – ‘Crossroads of the World’

The NASDAQ Tower screens sit at 7 stories high and wraps the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway.

  • Impacts

    5,038,461 every 2 weeks

  • Total Size

    10,080 square feet

Thomson Reuters

This iconic full motion location helps form the most famous advertising destination in the world, Times Square – ‘Crossroads of the World’.

The Thomson Reuters sign is comprised of 11 individual screens, all forming one unit. It sits at 22 stories high, and wraps the corner of 43rd street and 7th Avenue.

  • Impacts

    5,038,461 every 2 weeks

  • Total Size

    37 square metres

Las Vegas USA

The Las Vegas Strip

A landmark full motion advertising location in one of the world’s most famous 24/7 cities. It is central to any advertising campaign for Las Vegas.

  • Impacts

    5,038,461 every 2 weeks

  • Total Size

    10,080 square feet

London United Kingdom

The Screen on Leicester Square

The only commercial advertising screen within the famous pedestrianised square.

Central to the city’s entertainment district, connecting Covent Garden & Piccadilly Circus, this super premium digital screen connects advertisers to three distinct audience groups: overseas tourists, UK tourists & London locals.

  • Impacts

    3,500,000 per fortnight
    Source: London Gov UK

  • Size

    12.4m wide by 5.2m high

Madrid Spain

Callao Lights

2 Full Motion digital screens located in Plaza del Callao, the busiest place in Spain, the third busiest place in Europe behind Piccadilly Circus & The Louvre, and with Preciados St, which finishes in Callao, the busiest pedestrianised street in Europe.

  • Impacts

    4,346,154 every 2 weeks

Melbourne Australia

The Bourke

The first full motion LED digital screen in Australia that can truly rival opportunities delivered in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Paris France


A unique portrait full-motion digital opportunity in the centre of the French Capital’s premium retail sector.

The screen is located on the corner of the bustling Citadium store. It is in close proximity to one of Paris’ wide tree lined streets, Boulevard Hausmann, which is home to the world famous agship Galeries Lafayette store, the upmarket departmental store chain, and the stunning Printemps building, a store which focuses on beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

  • Impacts

    1,680,000 impacts every 2 weeks

  • Size

    4.1m wide by 7.2m high

Stockholm Sweden

Sergels Torg

A unique full motion digital out of home opportunity in the heart of this thriving Scandinavian city.

The landscape digital screen is located on the corner of the most central public square in Stockholm, Sergels Torg (Sergels Square).

  • Impacts

    2,714,600 impacts every 2 weeks

Hong Kong

Times Square Plaza, Causeway Bay

A portrait digital screen located in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong Island, a premium location for retail. The rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay, including Russell Street where the screen is located, has been ranked as one of the world's most expensive alongside New York's Fifth Avenue.

  • Impacts

    2.1 million impacts every 2 weeks

  • Size

    9.1m wide x 18.5m high

Milan Italy

Corso Como

A full motion, large format, portrait digital screen in the heart of fashionable Milan. Corso Como is the place to be in Milan, well known for being one of the two most upmarket neighbourhoods in the city.

  • Impacts

    1.65 million impacts every 15 days.

  • Size

    3.2m wide x 5.6m high

Dubai UAE

City Walk

City Walk is an urban living concept. It is an ideal outdoor destination providing the ultimate lifestyle experience with its unique mix of innovative retail and upscale gourmet outlets. It is located on the Al Wasl and Al Safa road junction, accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road.

There are numerous large format digital advertising locations on offer, targeting individuals on the roadside, as they walk into the centre and in the central hub, Place des Lumieres.

  • Audience

    A number of the locations can be seen from the Al Safa road, with approx 75,000 vehicles passing daily.

    4.5 million footfall annually

Shanghai China

Lujiazui Financial District

Lujiazui CBD is the most prestigious business districts in the whole country with over 504 domestic and overseas financial and insurance corporation headquarters. The entire financial and trade zone covers an area of 28 square kilometers with a 6.8-square-kilometer planning and development area containing more than 100 buildings and skyscrapers.

The two screens deliver synced content and are in close proximity to some of the most iconic buildings including Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Centre.

  • Impacts

    1,555,000+ daily reach

Nanjing Road CBD

Nanjing East Road New World Dawan Dept. Store screen, Hongyi International Plaza screen.

Nanjing Road (Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road) is known as “the first commercial road in China”. Nanjing East Road is the east part of Nanjing Road. It starts from the Bund, stretching until Tibet Mid Road, a total length of 1,599 meters. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street located on Nanjing East Road receiving average 80,000 people per day during off-peak seasons and more than 1.5M during peak holiday seasons, which has made Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street the busiest commercial street in the whole country.

  • Impacts

    2,434,000+ daily reach

Xujiahui CBD

Metro-city screen, Grand Gateway screen, Pacific Dept. Store screen, Oriental Business Tower screen

Located in the southwestern part of Shanghai, Xujiahui CBD is one of the four major shopping and business central districts in Shanghai with a proliferation of high-end shopping centers and department stores. Oriental Buisness Tower, Metro-City, Grand Gateway and Pacific Department Store where the four LED screens located are the iconic buildings in Xujiahui known to locals for a long time.

  • Impacts

    2.4 million daily reach per screen

  • Total Size

    10,080 square feet

Beijing China

Beijing Xi Dan District

Galeries Lafayette Screen

Xi Dan District is a major traditional commercial area known throughout Beijing. With a total length of 3.4 miles (5.4 kilometers), it starts from Xuanwumen Gate in the south and stretches to Xinjiekou crossing in the north. The history of the commercial street can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At that time, it was an essential crossing leading to the downtown area from southwest of the suburban area. Since then, this area has blossomed as a commercial center in the western part of Beijing. Nowadays, the North Street of the commercial quarter is the most prosperous section of the whole commercial quarter, with many shopping malls, department stores, restaurants and entertainment centers scattered around. As is youth and fashion themed, it attracts numerous young people to gather here.

  • Impacts

    580,000 daily vehicular flow, 700,000 daily pedestrian flow

Beijing Sanlitun District

SOHO No.6 Building Mega LED screen

Sanlitun is an international shopping, restaurant and entertainment precinct in Chaoyang District in the city of Beijing. It is the most international and bohemian area in the capital.

The screen sits in the intersection of North Worker’s Stadium Road and Sanlitun Road where there are extremely high traffic passing through. There are a number of wide pedestrian crossings in the intersection where the screen is visible to a huge pedestrian footfall.

  • Impacts

    478,000+ daily reach