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Ocean fills a unique position in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising landscape, specialising only in digital, super-premium and globally iconic screen locations.

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Ocean is a pure play media business – a facilitator of digital connectivity in the OOH world.

Having created the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) category in 2005, Ocean has pioneered, driven and established DOOH to be the engaging media channel that it is today, accounting for circa 64% of all OOH spend.

Ocean delivers an advertising channel that exceeds the traditional OOH market through merging the inherent branding strengths of OOH and enhancing through location, audience, research, data and unique technology.

Ocean sees digital marketing, in all its forms, as a companion, not a competitor. The most progressive of modern marketers is one that understands the combination of the accuracy and accountability of digital, and the impact, trust & fame building abilities delivered by the overtness of out-of-home, is a winning formula in today’s cluttered advertising market.


We are proud partners of four IOC organisations


Paris 2024 Olympics Countdown

Paris 2024 Olympics Countdown

Paris 2024 Paralympics Countdown

Paris 2024 Paralympics Countdown


Pioneers in DOOH Technology

Ocean is the pioneer in DOOH advertising technology, leading a new wave of creative solutions through its Ocean Labs and Ocean Studio divisions including proprietary solutions such as DeepScreen® 3D, Vehicle Detection Technology, SimplyFi (Wi-Fi Sponsorship) and Augmented Reality solutions.


We believe our people, our profits and the longevity of the planet are the measures of our success.

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