December 21st, 2022
AI Window

Det händer otroligt mycket inom Ocean Labs just nu. Idag vill dela ett litet smakprov på någonting som kommer bli väldigt stort.

Säg hej till AI Window, som är AI genererad AR i DOOH, en världspremiär!
Ett exempel bland flera där vi vill flytta fram gränserna för DOOH och inspirera till nytänkande.

What if you could reimagine your view?
This is a compelling idea and also partly what Ocean Labs is about.

In a strategic partnership with Superficial Machines, Ocean Labs have developed methods for low-threshold interaction with public DOOH screens.

The AI Window is the latest of these prototypes and we’re very happy with the result and feedback so far.

This installation uses the latest AI image generation models applied to a live camera feed from Hötorget, Stockholm. It allows people to remix the cityscape into something new, just by scanning a QR code.

Check out the video below and imagine the opportunities…

We’re now developing different variations of this, where the users will be able to remix their own image in a digital mirror, or the setting behind them.

Staffan Eliasson Head of Creative Innovation at Ocean Outdoor Nordics says;

“This type of interaction and use of AI is something we believe will be an important part of the toolbox going forward as we are linking physical – digital – virtual.”

See demo here: https://vimeo.com/783194518

Ocean Nätverk

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