Ocean Partnerships

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Sports, entertainment and culture: streamed to screen

Our Ocean Partnerships team works with partners like Warner Bros. Discovery and NOC*NSF to stream live or packaged content to our full-motion network. Broadcasting iconic moments in iconic locations on iconic screens. Placing rights holders, broadcasters, and advertisers in front of fans on the go. Turning content into events.

Ocean’s Partners

All our partners provide exclusive content, whether it be from the Olympic Games and all of the Team NL athletes, from worldwide sports events or from charity… and there will be many more out there. This content offers a completely new and engaging way of using full motion digital out of home, bringing relevant exclusive events to an audience who before would have been unlikely to be engaged. This is a powerful platform for brands to sit within.

It is not only exclusive partnerships that can use the digital out of home channel as a way of distributing content. Many brands now create their own branded content which before sat online and on social channels only, but for maximum impact requires the use of a broadcast channel. That’s where full motion digital out of home comes in.


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