Ocean Outdoor believes in being transparent about reach, the amount of contacts our media offers, both as a media owner and as an industry participant. Therefore, Ocean is a member of Outreach and a participant of the new BRO Next, a key ingredient for the future of the Dutch (D)OOH industry.

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BRO Next  

The BRO Next audience measurement study, overseen by JIC BRO, offers detailed insights into the reach of over 57,500 advertising objects from ten participating operators. For the first time, digital objects are included at an hourly level. BRO Next offers numerous improvements over previous outdoor advertising surveys, including higher data granularity, more detailed object and passage characteristics, and more frequent updates. This richer data stream enables better planning outputs for OOH, allowing advertisers and agencies to target specific audiences in greater detail. More operators are participating in the new BRO, and the data is used in cross-media datasets for the National Media Research (NMO).

The survey is conducted by three expert parties: Dat.mobility, Ipsos OOH, and ISBA. Dat.mobility provides traffic volumes for various modes of transportation. The Dutch Mobility Panel (NVP) supplies profile data and travel behavior from 20,000 respondents. Combining these data sources creates a comprehensive picture of daily mobility in the Netherlands.

Ipsos OOH’s classification tool records all necessary details of the 57,500 objects, such as location, size, angle, distance from the road, obstacles, lighting, and speed of passing. Eye-tracking research determines the likelihood of a passerby seeing the outdoor ad. The result is an accurate measurement of contacts, which ISBA uses to model campaign reach.

BRO Next, developed under the auspices of JIC BRO—a Joint Industry Committee comprising OOH operators, advertisers, and media agencies—is seen as a significant step in the industry’s development. Digital objects are playing an increasingly important role alongside traditional ones.

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Columbus: Dynamic Reach and Demographic Data

Over the past years Ocean have also developed Columbus, an end-to-end product with a singular focus on data integrity. Our system provides detailed audience data at a granular screen level, creating an accurate trading currency. We have explored the limitless possibilities in the world of data, focusing on key topics such as data integrity, GDPR compliance, and, most importantly, data quality.

After extensive research, Ocean partnered with Precisely, a global leader in data development. With their experience in site location analytics, data modeling, and consulting, Precisely provides high-quality, reliable data. Their clients include McDonald’s, Starbucks, international banks, and insurance companies.

The process behind Columbus involves extracting data from GPS/SDK and other sources, followed by transformation, cleaning, harmonization, calibration, modeling, enrichment, and delivery. This ensures our data is accurate, reliable, and actionable.

Key features of our tool include:

  • Combining location intelligence and data enrichment
  • Near real-time reach data
  • Audience insights with 780 demographic variables
  • Tailor-made accessibility for agencies
  • Improved insights into assets and development, covering more than 400,000 hexagons

Our efforts have resulted in a tool that integrated two essential aspects:

1. Reach

Counting and forecasting how many people pass our screens, which serves as the currency for selling our products. Our goal is to provide the most accurate reach figures for each screen, every week, day, and hour it is operational. We use multiple data sources for each location and screen:

    • GPS data from 1000+ apps
    • NDW
    • TomTom
    • Westfield data
    • Manual counts
Audience reach
Data reach

This data is then modeled for future projections by Future Facts, using various variables to ensure robust calculations

    • NDW data
    • School holidays and public holidays
    • Extreme weather conditions (KNMI codes)
    • Lockdowns and/or advisories
    • CBS retail index
    • CBS shopping street index
    • Translink public transport check-ins

2. Audience Insights

Understanding who is passing by our screens, providing intelligence to support decision-making processes. We gather data on:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Income class
    • Profiles

Additionally, we track whether people are driving, walking, or cycling past our screens, if they are passersby, live nearby, or work in the area. This comprehensive data allows us to understand and reach our audience more effectively.

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