Digital creative competition

The Gallery


Seventy large digital screens spread across thirty Dutch cities, that is ‘The Gallery’, Ocean Outdoors’ content platform. The Gallery offers creators the opportunity to show their work to an audience of millions. This is done from the thoughts of making public space more attractive and inspiring the public with the best work of contemporary creative culture. Time and again, moments are created where screens are transformed into panoramic and artistic canvases. To create optimal relevance, the content is tailored to the place where it can be seen. A different experience every week to suit a place, time and audience. Are you an artist, creator or ‘maker’ and interested in showing your work to a large audience? Then get in touch with us.

Network and themes

Our large digital screens are positioned in high-traffic areas in and around the largest Dutch cities. Areas such as city centers, motorways, public transport hubs and shopping centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen, among others. Areas closely linked to their specific landmarks and subcultures. We therefore show different content on a screen in the middle of a dynamic cultural city center than on a screen at a busy public transport hub or in a fashion-rich area. Each screen has a specific selection of content in which we work with various categories such as art & culture, fashion, food, sports and events.


Editorial team

Our editors work daily with a wide range of creatives, schools and institutions on a weekly changing offer on the screens. Would you like to show your work on our screens or in a specific city, moment or period? Then get in touch with us. We are open to all disciplines and our creative department can help you get your work on the screens. Professional photos of all artwork on the screens are made available for the artists to use for their own promotion.

Customised screens and content

The screens are designed to fit as well as possible into the environment and architecture. As a result, they are all of different format, position and size. Partly because of this, they make a great visual impression on the space. For example, one screen is wall-filling and placed from plinth to ceiling, and another is placed high above the façade of a cinema. Each screen has its own characteristics and we take these into account when selecting content. In terms of theme, speed, shape and length. This is because we believe that content should match the environment, the screen and the mindset of the audience so that it is not disruptive but rather enhancing.


Featured creatives & projects


VPRO Nederland van Boven, Beeld & Geluid Polygoon Journaal, Thomasz Lin


Rick Kloekke, Job, Joris & Marieke, Roald van Stijn, Clemens Wirth, Heerke Groefsema, Dmitry Zakharov, DropStuff, Sander van Schie, Bart Visser


Amsterdam Wildlife, SUSIE SIE, Studio Smack, Freeloops, Gaspar Battha, My Theraphy, Tobias Gremmler, Jelte Keur, Kevin Burg & Jemie Beck, Ion Lucin, Esther Dorhout Mees, Soufiane Touzani, Geschikte Gasten


Jasper ter Mors, Ruslan Khasanov, Ming Sin Ho, Thomas Medicus, James Merrill, Maxime Faure, Xavier de L’Hermuziere, Ramy Ibrahim, Blikfilm, Bart van der Gaag, Sugie, Florent Porta


Derek Otte, Daria Khoroshavina, Judith de Leeuw, Gosse Bouma, Sebastian Ungrad & Xander Bartole, Michael Jessurun


Jeroen van Dam, Eric Vuuren, Beauty of Science, Andreas Wannerstedt, Martien Jansse, Ben Marriott, DonkerUtrecht


Matt Taylor, Clim Studios, Yeti Pictures, Melissa Dale Brooks & Andrea Mendoza, Pixelbeez, Roman Hill, Lucas Zanotto, BANGNMEDIA, Filippo Odone


Barry Pirovano, OX-Alien, Nieki van Diepen, Mitchell van Eijk, Jan Timmer, Noman Meihandoest


Rob en Robin, Tjeerd Braat, Omdenken

Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

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