Effective from January 2024, we will pledge a percentage of our 2024 revenue via the Pinwheel platform, to four critical marine-based projects that remove atmospheric carbon and are helping to repair the planet’s natural ecosystems. The best bit? Our agency partners get to vote for their favourite project.

In a media first for the out of home industry, when buying and planning campaigns across Ocean’s UK assets, agency partners will get to vote for which of the high potential projects a percentage of their ad spend will support.

The four projects are carbon coastal removal, turtle protection, plastic removal and coral protection. All the initiatives have been verified by the sustainability platform, Pinwheel, which supports the world’s most effective planet-saving initiatives.

Ocean’s position is informed by scientific evidence which shows that many carbon offset programmes have no environmental value and sadly do very little or nothing to mitigate global warming. According to research, 70% of the $2billion spent globally on carbon avoidance or removal projects has little to no impact – and sometimes even negative consequences.

Ocean Networks

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