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Vold- og overgrepslinjen

 VO-linjen wanted to highlight the importance of reporting suspicions of partner violence and lower the threshold for doing so. The solution utilizes digital screens, sound, and a stop button for interaction with the help of Ocean Labs.

the campaign

On the LED screen, a couple was shown in a dialogue escalating into an argument with threatening behavior. Directly in front of the screen, a sound shower was installed playing the violent sounds of the argument. The audience was encouraged to press the button, thereby stopping the violence unfolding in front of them. On the screen. VO-linjen then thanked the person who took the time to “report” and informed that the national violence and abuse helpline can be contacted by phone at 116 006 or via chat at volinjen.no. The other screens at the Oslo Bus Terminal supported the same message.


  • A 27% percent increase in phone calls in the week the campaign were running.

  • A 12% increase in inquieries by chat in the week the campaign were running.

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“The client is already reporting that they notice more calls coming in, so it shows how effective it is to be present. More people will get help – that’s the most important thing.» Johanna Nordberg, Strategic Advisor, Hyper”


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